I can give you 50kg of meow a month...UK Demand is huge

By chillinwill · Mar 29, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A RUTHLESS foreign dealer boasted to Sun investigators he could supply 50kg of meow meow a month - as the killer drug floods Britain.

    Latvian Amirs Abidi says profits have already been boosted by the surging UK demand for the legal drug - and boasts of five "very big clients" who distribute it here.

    Sun investigators flew to Latvia's capital Riga to meet wholesaler Abidi, who has a registered company and advertises on the internet.

    Sipping on his coffee in a dingy café, he reached into a black bag and pulled out a sample - a plastic wrap containing about five grammes of a smelly white chemical.

    Abidi, 28, bragged: "It's 99.5 per cent pure. If you like it I can produce 50kg a month for you. You won't find it cheaper anywhere else."

    Meow meow - proper name mephedrone - is also known as "fertiliser" or "plant food" even though it has no horticultural use.

    The substance - which has not yet been banned in Britain - is usually sold as "not for human consumption".

    But dad-of-two Abidi makes no pretences, saying: "It's best to sniff it. Take about 150mg, you'll be high for two-and-a-half hours."

    He then reeled off his price list, with mephedrone at £2,000 a kilo if bought in quantities of 20kg or more. Our wholesale deal for 50kg would cost £100,000.

    Once imported into Britain, where the going rate for mephedrone is about £10 a gramme, the 50kg haul would be worth at least £500,000.

    Abidi has heard about the deaths in Britain that have been blamed on mephedrone, but is still happy to push vast quantities of the drug.

    He insists: "People are dying from alcohol and cigarettes but the government don't talk about this.

    "It's possible the people who died had weak hearts and took other drugs and many grammes of mephedrone.

    "Mephedrone is not very dangerous, it's better for the health than ecstasy and amphetamines. It's lighter."
    But when asked if he takes the drug himself, Abidi laughs: "No."

    Our investigators - posing as British dealers looking to import a large quantity of meow meow - found Abidi on the internet, where he lists himself under a false name.

    He later emailed - with the word "mephedrone" in the subject field - explaining how his associates produce the drug at a pharmaceutical factory in Latvia "but not officially".

    When he met our investigators, Abidi revealed: "Because of the demand from England the chemical factories which produce the raw materials make the prices higher.

    "The chemicals come from China - we can get them in Russia but they are twice as expensive.
    "We then get people working in a pharmaceutical company near Riga to produce the mephedrone for us.

    "Their bosses don't know. We then send it to our buyers express delivery.

    "We send the goods by another name - customs aren't a problem.

    "We have five very big clients in Russia and Dublin. From there they distribute to the UK."

    Abidi claimed mephedrone was legal "but not very popular" in Latvia - but a government spokeswoman insisted: "Mephedrone is prohibited in Latvia."

    The drug, which has swept the UK club scene in recent months, can be bought over the internet with a credit card.

    A bag of white powder can even be delivered the same day.

    Experts warn that producers and dealers are making "huge amounts of money" from the drug.

    The Sun is campaigning to get the drug banned after it was blamed for a series of deaths including 18-year-olds Louis Wainwright, from Scunthorpe, Lincs, and Joslyne Cockburn, from Newcastle.

    Mephedrone is a man-made chemical with stimulant effects similar to cocaine or ecstasy.

    The chemical's structure is closely related to both MDMA (ecstasy) and methylamphetamine, better known as crystal meth.

    The Government is now preparing to outlaw the drug in Britain - but Abidi is already plotting ways to get round the ban.

    He said: "I'm thinking how it will be possible. The price will be different and it might be better to pay cash."

    March 29, 2010
    The Sun

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  1. FUBAR
    another excellent report from the truthful SUN. how much did it cost to go all the way to latvia when they could have contacted x amount of dealers through the net. waste of time,money they have told us exactly what the sun always tells us f*%@ all. why dont they report on the millions of pounds spent on metahdone maintenance.
    mephedrone will be banned and then it will be driven underground with dangerous results. britains finest toilet paper
  2. FUBAR
    chillinwill this was not a go at swiy
  3. Finn Mac Cool
    The Sun is a scourge on society :)
  4. fusen
    Far too many newspapers that dominate the reader percentages are utter shit
  5. FUBAR
    Amen brother Amen
  6. John Doe
    SWIM would usually also be outraged at this kind of article, but this past week SWIM can't help but notice huge sections of the intelligent community start to talk about better ways for society to deal with drugs and as this new movement gathers momentum we have bum whipe like the Sun harping on with the same old lines. I actually caught SWIM smiling at this :)
  7. liga
    Hello, due to SWIM's work he very often visits and lives in Latvia. And he must say that this whole "investigation" is the funniest thing he heard for the last few months. Are people from "The Sun" are so stupid to believe some guy's lies? It is impossible here to make at a pharmaceutical plant grams of meph, not talking about kilos!!! It is EU, for Christ sakes! Any boy at age 14 would tell, that this he is making things up during their talk! :)))
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