"I Cannot Be the Only One..

By Robstein56765 · Dec 27, 2013 ·
  1. Robstein56765
    .. To Be Dehumanized Again..."-Disturbed: Dehumanized.

    The chorus to this song speaks perfectly to my current situation, hell the entire song does really. Such as the first verse below:

    "Lost in slumber, a threat to no one
    Weak and humbled to my disgrace
    Sweet departure, is what I long for
    Careless moments to comfort me
    Dead philosophy.."

    This occurs in those moments whenever I force myself into taking breaks for a couple of days in order to allow my body to recover from what is otherwise daily use. I will not linger on my starting subject so I'll leave it to whoever is interested in looking into the song or hearing it for themselves to do so while we move forward.

    For all the benefits I speak of in my thread posts and the post replies it is not a fantasy world, and sometimes my schedule is so difficult to keep up with it's nearly causing me to collapse. I am at work as I type this trying my best to take in slow deep breaths and just remember that once this shift is over I can sleep until the next then the entire weekend and beginning of next week in order to recover without using in between. I have been trying to ween myself to the point that I only use on my days off and don't continue using through the work days effectively exhausting myself.

    {More to come}

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