I can't write poems

  1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Everythings a memory,
    But nothings what it seems.
    My future through my photographs,
    My prescence from my dreams.

    This time may I lie awake,
    And pray upon my knees.
    To keep my dreams from throwing
    All this conciousness to sea.

    Everythings a portrait,
    With the pallette cold and damp.
    Paintless mixtures: memories,
    With ample artist hands.

    How well will we make this look?
    Dear memories, decline.
    You werent as bright as yesterday,
    For yesterday was mine.

    Never moving onward,
    And living on my past.
    But never moving forward
    So there would never be a path.

    Fighting myself constantly,
    The battles always win.
    Everythings a memory:
    Another dream begins.

    i used to write so beautifully
    i used to let it flow
    my heart would sing my mind again
    my feelings would let go

    the tides of thought came crashing
    and swallowed my emotion
    i believed i was a poet
    i gave my hearts devotion

    though now begins a newer day
    ill write a newer way
    the old is long foresaken
    and thus begins a newer age

    ive foresaken quality
    foresaken something deep
    with something shallow something less
    this is whats become of me

    i once could write such miracles
    never opening my mind
    the words would flow from head to hand
    id be proud to call them mine

    people change and rearange
    the feelings that they hold
    youthful feelings bloom on grounds
    that used to house the old

    failure has but bloomed today
    emotion never shines
    instead from head to hand again
    words shall linger in my mind

    these are what i couldnt write
    im sorry if i tried
    the grounds of lesser feelings
    lay where the richest used to thrive

    im sorry for a newer day
    i didnt ask my life to change
    if i could outline my destiny
    id shadow out what ive became

    maybe when i rest my head
    ill bring you something fresh
    what a poets life would understand
    a piece one would expect

    the day looks so far away
    and while ive failed my friends
    ive failed the ones that read my thoughts
    ive failed you yet again

    ive gone in search of something more
    something i could use
    maybe someday well meet again
    when i realize the truth

    everytime i speak my mind
    ive nothing more to tell
    these rants theses rhymes they are not mine
    im only fooling myself

    say goodbye to roses
    say goodbye my dear sunshine
    say hello to blacker bushes
    to grow a vine around my mind

    say goodbye to yesterday
    i guess someimes we do mature
    say goodbye to true emotion
    say hello to lesser words

    im sitting in my emptiness
    i couldnt tell you where
    im just wondering what i could write
    knowing i wouldnt really care

    sitting in the moonlight
    fumbling my pen
    another heatless poem
    ive failed you yet again

    so this is what it feels like
    with only songs of truth
    to echo through the fairytales
    of my forgotten youth

    this is what it sounds like
    the pulse upon my brain
    for now I have eternity
    to flow within my veins

    this is what it tastes like
    dear moralitys regrets
    a land so plush of morbid thoughts
    what truce must I accept

    for this is what it looks like
    with the sinners crimson paints
    what hues must I solidify
    to resurrect a saint

    this is what it feels like
    this numb and helpless brail
    where the desert has but sand to sing
    his apocalyptic tale

    now this is what the worlds like
    when the images are stripped
    now as simple as a single life
    and just as insignficant

    everything youve done to me
    these tears i do confess
    the person youve created
    is the person i detest

    the lies you sang about me
    with orchestrated hate
    conduct another tune for me
    in thipain that i foresake

    im open and im flawless
    im following so lost
    just tell me all your crimson lies
    ill smear my blood across

    thinking thinking through the night
    submerging screams within
    ill sing them all spitefully
    on my blood stained violin

    i cant withstand the sickenss
    thats bound me to this room
    the walls shall drown in dripping blood
    and echo bloody tunes

    when all your work is said and done
    when blood carpets the walls
    youll laugh and praise my final stage
    when you see my body fall

    when i am still alive
    theres no bloodshed anymore
    would you look up at my cyrstal walls
    and find a bloody floor

    when hate has been convicteed
    death seems more sincere
    when silence is the loudest sound
    i wonder what youll hear

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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    the title of your blog is a little mis-leading, to say the least.
    those are worthy poems, and they're touching.

    your picture is not bad either, wanna hook-up ? just kidding, but you are a looker
  2. C.D.rose
    Then what are these things that you wrote?

    Honestly, I like them. And I'm not saying that because I feel like I have to say something nice. Had I not liked them, I would have just gone on and not left a message at all.

    I like poems that are somewhat cryptical, but not too cryptical. Yours sit right in between. And I don't like "happy poems", mostly because that doesn't reflect my self.

    So, yeah, I like them. :)
  3. pairavayz
    there's different types of peoms, the ones that i don't really like are the ones that sound like somebody talking themselves to sleep. there's no rhythm or melody. but yours here, i like. i can catch the melody and its almost as if you could sing it as a song-like Dr. Seuce lol.. nice literature. u like hip hop lyrics?
  4. Moving Pictures
    they're fucking heavy. you're an amazing writer.
  5. runnerupbeautyqueen
    I just want to say thanks for taking the time to read my shit. With math it's easy 1+1=2. You've got the answer. But with poetry or writing in general you always go back and scrutinize every word. Hours upon hours spent choosing between "the" or "a". So it's nice to see some people recognize that.
  6. purplehaze
    I think she just named the poem that, not meaning that she can't write poetry. I love it. I like to write raps which is just an advanced form of poetry. I like testing myself and seeing how witty i can be.

    This is my fav line from you

    "i once could write such miracles
    never opening my mind
    the words would flow from head to hand
    id be proud to call them mine

    I guess i like how you worded that and explained the thought process of from head to hand. It's smart and i agree english or writing is hard. Some days i feel very articulate and others i can't think of the word i want to use. *writers block

    Rap has multi syllable rhymes and is more about patterns. More rhyming involved IMO.

    Last thing i wrote had some good multis and explained how i felt at the time.

    "times right now for me are rough
    at night i've been sittin up thinkin
    how to get a buck
    spliff lit up drinkin"

    Ofc rap is different and can get downright stupid, but you've got to keep in mind there's loud bass and a beat going on so you can't write in the same style as poetry. I just love playing with syntax (order of words) and seeing what ways i can explain myself and still rhyme. The possibilities are endless. You can rhyme a word at the beginning and one at the end of each stanza, or you could make the entire stanza rhyme with the next stanza.

    I like telling stories in my raps sometimes just for therapy, i find writing to be soothing and helpfull with my mood. Here i am playing with a multi

    "god knows i must've fell from his grace
    i spent five years in a coma worth of celibate days
    it felt like i was in an elephant cage
    i was developing rage, i died for a minute
    and heaven is a hell of a place
    god said i was part of the plan
    a relevant ace

    Here i am being silly and writing off the top aka freewriting

    "this planet is strange, but all i feel is love
    and everything ive ate seems to be a drug
    youll wonder before you leave why you even came over
    only problem with the food is the nasty ass hangover
    but you wake up the thangs over, the night the ride
    but not your life, you gota eat more strange clovers
    to kill the hangover now is probably what you seek
    so your high again cuz of course youve got to eat
    sorry bout this song i didnt put it out, it got leaked
    and its oca pela because i forgot to make the beat"

    Here i am trying to be witty with some wordplay, ofc i do more witty than anything but i love writing stories, they never get recorded though, mostly the witty lines is all i record.

    im not here to pick your brain for information
    i been impatient im here to make you train put you in formation"

    When my friend died here is some killer multis to explain how i felt
    "you got blasted away i spent half of my day
    puttin ash in the tray passin the grave"

    Last one
    "it measures out to be perfect symmetry, my poetries natural with metaphors and similies
    i know i get no medal, at my burial i get a rose petal
    but please mark and put a pen on me
    that i loved art, all the way to the fullest, and gave all my heart"

    You get the point. I love writing and hope you continue. I look forward to reading more of your work :applause:
  7. CanadianBakin
    :applause: From a fellow writer, these are great! Loved em very much, you write very similarly to me. :) cant wait to get blog capabilities! :cool:
  8. Heretic.Ape.
    Nice to see some lovely poetry, I feel like less of a douche for suffering DF with my Words Where Silence is Golden babbling.
    Wonderful stuff :thumbsup:.
  9. derpahderp
    Analyzing nothing-- just admiring the words. Structure and flow, word.:cool:

    (just passing through, saw a post that just made me say, hmm) and found your blog. See you around.
  10. una_cavaletta
    Thank you for sharing your poetry :D
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