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  1. una_cavaletta
    I am the man who will destroy your night
    Beguile your mercy and bind the truth
    Dod pla hwn i mi, I do, a plague to your house.

    I am the man who will slay your family
    As you stand and as you kneel before me
    i ddod pla hwn, so you will choke on disease.

    As it is, as it was, as it shall become
    Down the stairs, in the dark, the night
    Irrelevant in the presence of my need.

    I am the man who stole your promise
    And burned its soul, and ripped its keep
    The beak-mask before a thousand corpses.

    I am the man come to take by blood
    And by will, by right and might I’ve pre-won;
    The day will come. I am the man. I am.


  1. enquirewithin
    Please don't visit me! :)
  2. una_cavaletta
    Oh I am not the man, the guy in the poem is. I'm harmless, I promise :)
  3. Phenoxide
    This was the 1000th blog entry on the site. A classy yet ominous way to pass that landmark!
  4. sh0rno
    This is Welsh right? "I ddod pla hwn" translates roughly to "This plague to come" or "to give this plague" I think.

    cool poem.
  5. una_cavaletta
    Phenoxide - indeed! I am pleased by this statistic. Huzzah! :)

    sh0rno - yes it is - bring me this plague :)

    thank you for the comments, I have poetry with no place to live so at may as well come here!
  6. Potter
    I like this omen of the thousandth blog post. Most fitting.

    How would you pronounce the welsh bits?
  7. una_cavaletta
    Potter, has your plague doctor looking avatar dude come to do battle with my anthropomorphic personification of Plague? FITE.

    I'm struggling to write the pronunciation for the Welsh bits...I'd say to go to google translate but it sounds even more robot-y than usual. Lemme have a think :)
  8. una_cavaletta
    Also I wish I could watermark DRAFT across this cause it's changed already. Maybe if I keep working on it for 6 months I'll finally be happy enough with it for it be finished:laugh:
  9. una_cavaletta
    For anyone interested, here is a good page with some audio examples and the Welsh alphabet:


    I guess the closest I can get to phonetically spelling i ddod pla hwn as "ee thod pla win" but the "th" sound is very subtle, almost like a d. The pla is pretty much pla, unless I'm saying it wrong, which is very likely :)
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