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  1. Potter
    Last month I attended Starwood festival, which you should all do. There was one ocurance I felt would be worth sharing.

    I was at a concert by the Dragon Ritual Drummers, a voodoo/swamp rock band from Canada, something like zydeco with a real hard voodoo bent to it. They played for a voodoo parade and often used traditional voodoo call and responses, chants, drumbeats. They were also involved with a voodoo temple that also attends the festival and puts on rituals. The priestesses were at the concerts, little, old, wide, black, ladies in white gowns. I was standing in the crowd, kinda doing a white-guy-shuffle (i had just gotten there and was still full from dinner, not quite in the Dionysian spirit) when one of these ladies comes and faces me.

    She puts her hands up, gestures for me to do the same so I do (think "jazz hands"), she presses her palms to mine, moves my arms above my head, reaches around me, grabs ahold and spins me around three times! It was like WOAH!! What the hell was that? It was like :::looks down at their feet, kinda shivers:::

    It's not easy to describe, like well those other things we do that are like that. Except all that happened was I got spun around three times by some old lady.

    By the power of the babe...


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