I hate voting....

By no eff eks · Nov 6, 2012 · ·
  1. no eff eks
    I hate every single politician I've ever learned about.

    I hate Barrack Obama for being a corporate tool selling himself as a man that gives a fuck.

    I hate Mitt Romney for being a greedy narcissistic sociopath.

    I hate Democrats for being completely inept at accomplishing the things the people that voted for them want done.

    I hate Republicans for being so good at accomplishing the things the people that voted for them want done.

    I hate Democratic voters for being so naively blind to the fact that their party is run and owned by the rich elite that they are trying to fight.

    I hate Republican voters for actually convincing themselves that their corporate masters DESERVE the power they've stolen from the people.

    I hate the fact that I have to vote on a (state) constitutional amendment that will ban marriage (and all the arbitrary privileges that come with it) for anyone but one man and one woman.

    I hate the fact that my state is one of the nations most reliably "liberal" yet the population is split down the middle on whether to codify bigotry into our state's constitution.

    I hate the fact that people will almost surely blindly pass the "voter-ID" amendment to our state constitution - blissfully unaware that they are doing nothing to prevent voter fraud and a lot to prevent poor/derelict people from participating in our "democracy" (er... republic).

    I hate the fact that the mainstream media perpetuate the absurd notion that there is an appreciable difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

    I hate the fact that most people take what politicians and the media tell them at face value -- and the ones that don't are conspiratorial nut-jobs who twist reality into something retarded anyway....

    I hate that democratic government is so impossibly flawed.

    I hate that democratic government is still the least-worst option humanity has come up with.


    I'll vote tomorrow (tomorrow being today but I'm about to go to sleep so I mean later today, but it'll be my tomorrow). Straight Democrat the entire ballot. Not because I like them. Not because they fight for anything I believe to be important. I just find Republicans so pathetic. Transparent corporate pawns. Opportunistically religious and pious. Exploiting bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and hatred for political gain. Willing to get in bed with anyone and anything that will increase their own position. Fuck Republicans. Fuck them for forcing me to vote for people I find disgusting merely because half the country is retarded.


    My election predictions:

    President -- Obama wins re-election (75% chance - 50% to 48%), Obama wins MN (90% chance - 56% to 40%)

    Republicans take US Senate and hold house - (60% chance)

    MN Anti Gay Marriage Amendment - Passes 52% to 48%

    MN Voter-ID Amendment - Passes 60% to 40%

    MN Senate - Democratic incumbent holds seat (90% chance - 60% to 35%)

    Duluth Area US Congress Election - Democratic challenger wins vs Republican incumbent (60% chance -- 52% to 45%)

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  1. no eff eks
    So my predictions turned out to be slightly pessemistic... The anti gay-marriage amendment was rejected by a slim margin, but (more surprisingly) the voter-ID amendment went down as well. The Republicans did not gain control of the US senate.

    Every single race I voted on went my way... I am especially proud of my state for rejecting two extremely slimy constitutional amendments pushed by right-wing bigots. I wish I could get excited about Obama winning or the Democrats taking back the US-House seat in my district... but these people are such ineffectual phonies that I can barely manage a slight smile of satisfaction that voters are slightly less retarded than I assumed.

    Seriously though, I was a little choked up when I realized the marriage amendment was defeated. I honestly didn't expect this and for once I have a feeling of accomplishment after an election - even if that accomplishment is merely preventing something horrible from being accomplished.
  2. Alfa
    Democracy is flawed by definition, because no party can successfully accomplish their program in a democracy. Any political party will need to make other parties happy, resulting in half baked measures neither here nor there. And after some years, another party will take over to destroy most of what the previous party has accomplished.
    In this respect its not strange that the economies of western states are going downhill while former third world country China keeps developing forward.
  3. no eff eks
    I consider democracy fundamentally flawed in the assumption that all opinions are created equal. Unfortunately attempting to restrict voting to the informed/intelligent is far too easy to manipulate and far too complicated to ever really get right.

    Despite all its flaws, democracy is still the least worst option. So I'll continue to support it, as I continue to support the Democratic party because the alternative is so horrifying.
  4. JoyfulLife
    I've always voted, since I was legally accepted anyway, but this year do to some things having to do with family, the law and goverment or whatever in MN, I made the choice to not vote at all. It was the strongest stand I could take and not be a nut case.

    I agree with a lot of what you said, but I'm glad you were wrong about some of that :thumbsup:
  5. no eff eks
    Oh wow, I didn't even realize you were also from Minnesota until now. I totally remember you from the MN group now....

    I'm definitely glad I was wrong about everything I was wrong about. I had a few friends who were saying they didn't plan to vote (or would only vote on the marriage amendment and nothing else). I managed to gently push them over the course of the summer to voting, and they all actually took the time to do it (these are kids who are 20-21 and for some stupid reason seem to look up to me). That was probably even more satisfying than seeing the people I voted for win.

    I fucking hate the system... but the only way to change the system without violence is from the inside. I'll do my small part, and feel a little less responsible when everything goes to hell. :)
  6. Crazy Insane Sanity
    "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those others that have been tried."
    ~Winston Churchill
  7. no eff eks
    ^^ Could you tell that is one of my favorite quotes by how blatantly I ripped it off? :)
  8. JoyfulLife
    It is the most one could do, voting or become an activist, which I've thought about. I know that no one noticed me not voting, but it just felt like the right thing to do at the time lol, I'm very..I've been told passionate about things I feel strongly about so yeah.
  9. no eff eks
    I think the most I can really hope to accomplish is to convince those closest to me to embrace the ideas of empathy for for all living things, that government should be used to advance science/knowledge./technology, and that our government should be used to maintain a basic standard of living for everyone.

    My single vote doesn't mean much, but if I can convince other people to vote smarter that's huge...
  10. This Bear Eats Fascists
    I used to think democracy was just flawed...

    But I've grown even more pessimistic and disillusioned over the years. I remember riding the 'Hope' train harder than anyone...what an immeasurable let down.

    I wonder now, is there something insidious about democracy? The masses embrace it...it's absolute...infallible. Democracy is good, just like terrorism is bad.


    No. Rather, I wonder: is this institution -ever only questioned by a few in hushed tones and whispers behind closed doors- used as a tool to keep the people enslaved?

    Hey slave! Cheer up! You voted, didn't you?! So sit down, STFU, and get back to work.
  11. Hardstepa
    IMO it doesnt matter who you vote for as we will still be run by a bunch of c*nts.
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