I need to get clean already.

By ima.get.her.doee · Mar 20, 2016 · ·
  1. ima.get.her.doee
    I want to so badly stay clean. I keep fucking up every so often. First was a year clean, relapse, then 4 months, relapse, then three months and now relapse. I need a support system. I think a good way also is to find something to do everytime I get that craving.... Like a cigarette smoker quits cigarettes, they eat a candy (if not using a nicotine patch or such) everytime I feel like using, I'll keep journaling or write a poem on my thoughts. Any other suggestions?

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    I am a 29 year old (in May) that has 5 kids and has been a drug addict since I was 18. In 2011 I started injecting meth and have since slowed down and now do a shot every once in a while. I sing, I rap, I write poetry.... I’m a unique individual with a bomb ass personality


  1. Burnt Mindedness
    Try walking. Many people enjoy the ritual of doing drugs. Try making a ritual around walking or some other activity. Fill a water bottle, tie your shoes, put on you head phones, play your favorite song, stretch, take a deep breath and go walk. Keep the mind set that you are at peace and tey and clear your mind.

    I have also personally found archery a good way to clear you mind with some ritual to satiated that need for ritual.

    Good luck! remember you are in control and you are strong enough!
  2. Lofex
    The gym can be a lifesaver well it has been for me over the years I'm currently detoxing as we speak its damn hard but the hardest part is staying clean, change of ways is a must I moved away from everyone even family because I knew if I really truly wanted this I had to so I took my kids and left

    Be strong and I wish you all the very best
  3. Bess41
    I'm currently coming off tramadol after many years addicted I find the gym helps I don't actually love going to the gym or anything but its a new routine in stead of taken tablets in the evening as I would off I go to the gym if I can't do that I walk I listen to music something anything that is not taken meds Good luck :D
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