I thought I was a coffee table(salvia)

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  1. sunyata
    From a norwegian tabloid.

    "I thought I was a coffee table"

    Warns against herbal drug bought over the internet.

    "We get shipments of this daily, and we´ve seen a drastic increase the last year and a half" says office chief of customs in Oslo and Akershus, Jon Aspelund to Dagbladet.

    The herb grows naturally in South America, but has lately been grown commercially in USA and Europe for the drug market.
    It is not listed with other illegal drugs on "narkotikalisten" im Norway.
    Nevertheless customs do not send the herb to the recipient if they sieze it.

    "We treat it as a prescription drug,and since nobody gets a prescription for this we return it to the seller." says Aspelund.

    Fashion phenomenon

    That many Norwegian drug enthusiasts have experimented with the drug is unquestionable. On a norwegian forum related to drugs, hundreds of users share their psychedelic experiences with the herb in so-called trip-reports:

    "I lit it the same way and inhaled the smoke, as before I took two hits(...) suddenly the only sensible thing to do and my only calling in life was to run back and forth between the door and the bed. I felt like I was running at 700 km/h, I just had to do it-it was my reality" forum user "Zendelum" writes after smoking the drug last week.

    "It felt like I could pull the treshold of the door over my head like a hat, and when I shook my head that half of the earth shook." "Vill" writes about his experience.

    Helge Waal, professor of psychiatry and leader of the center for research into intoxication and addiction at the University of Oslo, warns against the drug.

    "Salvia divinorum belongs to a group of drugs called hallucinogens. One gets unfamilliar ways to to think and experience the senses with, the drug is related to LSD, mescaline, peyote and many others. These drugs, which have been used for a long time, are listed as illegal and there is no reason to treat this drug otherwise." says Waal.

    "This is a relatively new phenomenon, and it is reasonable to expect an increase in after-effects, as we have seen in USA: Psychological instability, flashbacks, anxiety reactions and other psychological difficulties" says Waal.

    Posting drug videos

    On the video sharing website youtube over 5000 users have documented their experiences with Salvia divinorum. The experience appears to be intense: common themes are uncontrolled laughter, paranoia and a strongly altered perception of reality.

    Salvia divinorum can be bought relatively cheap on the internet . One buys leaves or extracts in the form of oil. Most distributors are located in the USA, where federal law doesn´t affect the herb. 13 states have now banned the herb and more will follow.

    In Sweden it is illegal to import, redistribute, produce, sell or be in posession of the herb. In Denmark Salvia is listed in category B on the danish drug list, and therefore illegal.

    A study done in Sweden indicates the average user to be 23 years old.

    Statens Legemiddelverk(medical authorities), who updates the norwegian drug list, will consider including Salvia divinorum at their next revision.

    "For the time being this is considered a prescription drug, but we are preparing a revision of the drug list, and will look into including Salvia divinorum." says senior advisor in Statens Legemiddelverk, Anne Sagabråten.

    Convinced he was a coffee table

    "I found a web site where I could order it, and it came through the mail without any problems." says "Geir" to Dagbladet.

    The first time he smoked the herb, was on a field with some friends a few years ago.

    "I inhaled and put down the pipe. Suddenly I got the feeling that the world wasn´t real. My field of vision divided into several worlds and I became really afraid" says "Geir".

    Afterwards his friends told him he had been rolling around on the ground. Since then he has tried the drug several times.

    "At a friend house I was convinced I was a coffee table." he says.

    Overwhelming intoxication

    "Geir" has a long experience with psychedelic drugs, but describes the effects of Salvia divinorum as very intense and overwhelming.

    "The high is difficult to prepare for." he says.

    Despite this he thinks he will smoke the herb again.

    "I see few dangers with it. I don´t think it is addictive and the high is so short that it doesn´t make you indisposed for a long time."

    Anders Holth Johansen
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  1. Greenport
    They didn't just see a coffee table, they WERE the coffee table. @[email protected]


    What's going to happen with salvia is people ('kids') are going to be getting incredible kicks from things that the authorities will never know, and because they don't know what is going on they will push to ban it, even though it is not having a harmful or devastating effect on society. Sadly, this will probably go through unless we fight as hard as we can for it.
  2. Lettish
    Swim's friend said after a strong hit of salvia he thought he was a set of venetian blinds being twisted and turned around.
  3. Benga
    old memories, but female friend was the corner of a derelect house...
    the critter got a peek at a complex sausage factory.
    another female friend ended up at a party in house where everyone spoke Dutch.
  4. Blu_berrytoke
    Swim used to go on week long salvia binges. Most people never find out that you can develop a tolerance to it. Swim would start with a low 10x gram, and throughout the week with nothing to do, he'd move up until he got to 120x grams. Afterwards, he would experience deja vu, and would in the middle of class or work, just stop doing work and start laughing uncontrollably, it was was the best feeling he had ever had and didn't care that he was acting weird, since everyone already knows how crazy into psychadelics he is. So they just laughed along with him :laugh:. Any way, I just thought that was an appropriate story to tel of SWIM.
  5. Milk man

    Doesn't salvia develop a reverse tolerance?
  6. Blu_berrytoke
    As far as swim's experience would tell, no. All swim knows is that after a day of smoking 10x, the next day was never as intense unless the potency of the product was increased. Maybe swim has strange brain chemistry and it's not supposed to work like that but, it does.
  7. cra$h
    no, phisically, there's not enough evidence to prove a tolerence, although it's still a question (another reason not to ban it). But there's 2 different types of tolerance, psychological, and physical. Psychologically, there's a tolerance with ever drug, from marijuana, to heroin, to glue. Salvia's somwhere in that mix aswell. But if you've been to a place, you'll be able to adapt more quickly than the 1st time, it's how organisms work.
  8. sheapet
    one time swim bought some salvia with his friends, and he tried 10x and it did nothing. then a couple months later he tried 10 x mixed with 5x and he had the time of his life. but also, swims friends x's vary every time
  9. Cryptic Concoction
    A sensitization phenomenon is often observed, though I am not sure that I would classify this as "reverse tolerance."

    Reverse tolerance implies that there are actual physiological changes that occur in response to salvia that potentiate its effects. I haven't seen any evidence that such is the case.

    It is possible that after repeated administration one becomes more attuned to the effects...
  10. Blu_berrytoke
    ^ That makes more sense than what swim has been reading about a reverse tolerance. but it wasn't necessarily a tolerance swim had persay, more just like familiarity with where swim was going.
    The higher the x, the longer swim stayed in his lttle merrygoround world, where everyone was getting on and off except for swim, swim was unable to get off even if swim tried.
    After a few weeklong binges, swim world view was drastically changed.
  11. static_vodka_420
    swim says the insane visuals, profound thought changes, and incredible intensity of the salvia world were the reasons that he liked the experience in the 1st place
    the trips were true visionary experiences in another world inside swims own mind and he could purchase this tool over the internet.. what wasnt to love about it? it self regulated swims usage the memory of the terror of crossing over had to be gone before swim would take the journey agian
    salvia 40x helped swim for see the consequences of his opiate usage before it was really too late

    swim says it sucks that va banned it.. now all the others hop on the bandwagon
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