I went foraging in a city park

By Potter · Nov 9, 2009 · ·
  1. Potter
    and I brought home enough sage to roll 20 smudge sticks. I'm going to tie feathers and beads to them, all local stuff, and sell them to the city's pagan shops, along with smudge fans. Next year I'd like to do this at the farmer's market, with fresh herbs, wild mushrooms, herbal smoking blends, and other crafts all from locally forged, or grown materials. I'm confident in my ID skills for a number of edible species and the prices for wilds are quite high. I have a growing map of sites where valuable plants grow in public around my city and surrounding areas. Fruits, spices, medicines, herbal smokes, all sorts of stuff that I could deal with in a sustainable manner. Increase the size of my beds in my back yard and give them good paths, I've got enough space for a mighty herb and mushroom garden. There's a number of edible species that do good things for your soil and I think Helikophis may have solved my problem as to a lack of logs for growing mushrooms.

    I don't want a real job. I think I can do this. I've really wanted to do feather work and do a fine job, if I may be so bold, at crafting ritual implements. I'm good at foraging and gardning, I don't have a lot of space, but then again, I've got a whole city.

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  1. bLuE
    thats awesome. very interesting
  2. Quantum Dude
    Please keep us updated, would love to hear more about your endeavours ;).
  3. warandhate
    sounds like a good idea/

    where did you get this map of where things grow?
  4. bananaskin
    This sounds great.
    Keep us posted :thumbsup:
  5. Potter
    warandhate: I made the map. You get a map of your city and just start marking stuff down when you find it. Google Earth makes a good database too.
  6. helikophis
    get any closer to this this year, PD?
  7. kailey_elise
    Potter, how've you done on this front? Any progress towards it being a 'career'?

    I've given thought at times to growing herbs organically to sell at my local Farmer's Market as well. Just curious if you've managed to make anything of this yet. :)

  8. Routemaster Flash
    Another urban forager, excellent! I'm always on the lookout for free things to eat, especially around this time of year and the next two months. Blackberries, elderberries, any number of mushroom species and sweet chestnuts when I can find them.

    Any edible berries I find tend to go into sorbet. MY GOD that stuff is good, it's just so intense. A friend of mine picked elderflowers a few years ago and made cordial, which was delicious. This year some other mates picked blackberries and made wine out of them, which was surprisingly drinkable.
  9. ImALumberjackAndImOK
    This post is inspiring. I've heard of mushroom hunters keeping maps of their lucky spots, but this would take it a whole new level.

    Do you have any suggestions for sources of knowledge on where to find certain herbs?

    Also, have you had any luck with intentionally planting and/or caring for some of these things in the wild?

    I am a huge fan of mint, which does absurdly well in New England. I've considered planting various legal herbs in the woods nearby, but I will be careful to make sure none is listed as an invasive species for this area.
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