I wish opiates were still prescribed for throatache

By bheadmaster · Feb 15, 2016 ·
  1. bheadmaster
    My head is killing me, I can barely swallow water because of how sore my throat is, I'm having trouble walking - typical fever. Sucks, eh?

    But two pills of paracetamol-caffeine-codeine combo (250mg, 50mg and 10mg respectively) and I feel alive again. I can even eat without any major problems. Throatache seems like it had its volume turned down a lot :D

    Now, since I've drank caffeine pills and paracetamols on their own and they didn't help me much, I believe that the effect is caused by codeine. No wonder it's called a "painkiller".

    I wish I could get pure codeine in my country...

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