I wrote a letter/poem today.

By Viscis · Nov 24, 2009 · ·
  1. Viscis
    Twilight Moon

    Dear Twilight Moon Drifting,

    Elegancy in your illumination inspires,
    Warden of all the water.

    Lifegiver, a desolace husk,
    Some would call you manyfaces,
    You are our twin transformed.
    You gave everything to make us something,
    Your life for ours.


    Your leaving very slowly,
    And we shall miss you when you are gone.

    Lovingly from,
    The people of Earth.

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  1. Cooki
    Wow...really thought-provoking. Lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us. Cooki:vibes:
  2. Viscis
    Glad you like it. I used to write alot of poetry maybe I'll fish out my old website and host it for a while or post some more of them.
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