Ibogaine: Nature's Cure for Drug Addiction

By chillinwill · Nov 7, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    As live foods, super foods, and herbs are continually researched, it is ever more apparent that all of the keys to optimum health and well-being can be found in nature. And Iboga, the root of an exotic rainforest shrub that grows in Gabon and Central West Africa, is Nature's answer to people who are searching for relief from their painful cycle of drug addiction. Ibogaine, the active ingredient contained in this root, has been used in Africa for thousands of years during the ritualistic ceremonies. It can transform a person who is totally dependent on heroin, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs into a pre-dependent state, free of physical dependence and drug craving.

    Ibogaine is a psychedelic, dream creating drug. The person taking Ibogaine lies down and experiences incredible visions that are relevant to their life. It seems to go straight into the unconscious mind, bringing incredible insights into one's nature. Every person's experience is totally different. For some it is as if they are watching a movie of their life, for others it is as if they are being reorganized like a filing cabinet, and for others, the visions may have no recognisable meaning at the time it is being taken.

    Ibogaine interrupts the withdrawal symptoms and drug craving so that they can detoxify and get their life in order. It is completely non-addictive, so there is no chance that the person will become dependent on Ibogaine. It is as though Ibogaine resets the brain's neurotransmitter function to a pre-addictive state.

    Ibogaine is broken down in the liver and gut lining into a substance called nor-Ibogaine. This substance continues to be active on a patient's opiate receptors for several weeks to several months after a single dose, which research has shown to give addicts a window of time to become free of drugs dependency.

    But beyond the physical changes that occur, there also seems to be a tremendous amount of emotional change that occurs. In the weeks that follow the Ibogaine treatment, people are suddenly able to discover answers to issues that have caused them pain and suffering throughout their lives. One encounter with Ibogaine is often likened to many years of talking therapy. It gives the person a previously lacking deep understanding of themselves. Compulsive behaviours have changed, addictions are gone, painful voids vanish, and they experience a new level of freedom. In fact, Ibogaine is not only being used for drug addicts, but also for people who want to sort out a whole range of issues that burden them.

    Most addicts who find Ibogaine have already attempted to kick their habit and come to this as a last resort. Many of them have already been to a range of treatment facilities and rehabilitation programs as well as drug treatment programs. For a significant amount of serious addicts, Iboga is the only thing that works. People who have been addicts for years say that they feel happier than they have in years.

    So why is this not front page news of every newspaper in the world? If the leaders of our countries are serious about the "war on drugs", then why isn't this available to those people who are crying out for an answer to their horrendously painful addiction? The answer, unfortunately is the same old story…it is not lucrative enough.

    Ibogaine was made illegal in the USA in the 1960's along with other hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and mushrooms. Despite incredible results during clinical trials, there has not been enough funding needed to get Ibogaine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And pharmaceutical companies do not want to see Ibogaine on the market because it is not profitable. Ibogaine is so amazingly powerful that you only need to do it once to get off drugs. This is in strong contrast to drugs such as methadone which need to be taken indefinitely. In addition, drug companies generally prefer to work with illnesses that are not so strongly stigmatised like drug dependency.

    It is important for everyone, especially the addict, to remember that they can get sucked back into their behaviours. The addict must choose to not associate with those people and those situations that trigger their cravings. Ibogaine is perhaps nature's most potent tools to assist those who genuinely want to transform, but one can potentially get sucked back into old patterns. However, while the 12-Step program and other rehabilitation programs say you will always be an addict and that you can never be free from that identity, many addicts that have been helped through Iboga claim to feel completely free from their addiction and feel empowered to choose not to have a relationship with those substances. The addiction is gone because they have delt with the root causes of the addiction.

    Ibogaine is currently illegal in the USA, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland, and may be so in other countries. There is currently legal help being given in Mexico, Vancouver, the UK, Africa, Thailand and Australia.

    The clinical research on Ibogaine is slowly but surely continuing. There have been write-ups in a number of mainstream scientific publications including Bulletin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and The Lancet. It has been and is now again being studied at the University of Miami in an FDA approved Phase 1 clinical trial.

    by: Sheryl Walters
    Thursday, November 06, 2008
    Natural News

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  1. 3rd_high
    This has to be one of the most interesting life changing herbs known to man, just how/why it has the potential to take the hardcore drug user back to a pre drug use state of being, like being re-born, is quite extraordinary. My only concern is people hearing about this amazing life changing potential and experimenting with it like a recreational drug themselves without the right kind of supervision/guidance.
  2. G_nome
    SWIM has always been intrigued by this apparent wonder herb, ever since he first heard of it. It comes as no surprise it's not more well known, just think of all the money the drugs companies must be making from methadone. And to replace that with one stop natural cure? I don't think so.

    A friend recently went through iboga treatment after years of opiates addiction, they have no desire to use again at all. They even kept some subutex for after the iboga just in case it didn't work out, they kept the subutex for like a week after and just ended up selling them. Now they're sober all the time and much happier for it it seems.
    I've asked this friend to come here and write a wee report of their experience with iboga, but they had trouble registering. I'll have to nag them more, would love to hear the full story, and i'm sure others would too.
  3. 0utrider
    a also posted about it here, rather fantastic possibilites
  4. Dickon
    A word to the wise. This is not a miracle cure for addiction. At best it can temporarily interrupt addiction. I've read too many stories of people taking Iboga/Ibogaine and quitting opiates for a few weeks or months, only to go out and get a habit again. A useful tool in the toolbox for sure, but a "magic bullet", no.
  5. Burnt
    Agree. This is true with most psychedelic like compounds being used for drug addiction. There is no silver bullet cure! More often then not people can trip have a life changing experience then a few weeks go back to the same habits. This same kind of thing happened with LSD back in the 50's and 60's when they were using it to treat alcoholics.

    However it does bring up an important point. One that people need to repeat the experience either the psychedelic experience or just the experience of going through some kind of cognitive and behavioral therapy, preferably with a psychologist or trusted friend around them. Continued support is the only way to beat a long hard addiction.

    Also there is still a significant advantage to getting someone to see the error of their ways in one trip as opposed to many sessions of therapy. The problem is keeping them going.
  6. 0utrider
    nevertheless, the use of it as a shortener of withdrawal (especially concenring methadone) symptoms is amazing. true, psychologically it is up to the individual to take advantage of the created situation, however, it is an opportunity that is not as easy to immitate by means of other detox or therapy
  7. savingJenniB
    Ibogaine is a drug ~ a derivitive obtained from the root of a shrub, Tabernanthe iboga.
    Treating addiction to drugs with other drugs is exactly that.
    For some people highly effective, for others a temporary jolt into a new direction.

    Iboga, however, is much much more than that.
    Iboga is the core of "bwiti" ~ a concept beyond magic & religion
    ~ beyond the English words needed to describe it.

    "Bwiti is at the same time a religion, an ancestor cult, and a brotherhood. . . .

    There is really no God (or gods) in bwiti. Or rather, the idea of God is abstract and universal: God is present both in the heart of each person and in a sort of collective consciousness. Above all, one does not believe in an idol, but in oneself, in a self strengthened through the experience of initiation."

    IBOGA ~ The Visionary Root of African Shaminism
    by V. Ravalec, Mallendi, and A. Paicheler

    I'm more than halfway through this book right now and have promised ~lostgurl~ book review, hopefully by the end of the month.

    Just as there are no English word(s) for the concept of Iboga,
    there are no bwiti words for the concept of drug addiction.
  8. 0utrider
    ha im also reading the book right now, but started with the 3rd part
  9. savingJenniB
    Kewl Outriderx! ~
    Actually, the first chapter I read was in part three ~ The Botany of Iboga ~ Then I went back to the beginning. I find the nighttime rituals along with musical instruments ~ bow, mouth harp & a large range of drums /percussion instruments highly fascinating. The intricate rites of passage from initiation to a communal consciousness social order have all been adhered to for hundreds of years. The drug ~ the sacred wood, the ceremony, the society have fused.

    It is difficult for my Western mind to fathom a highly evolved society structured entirely around use of this drug. This is not a party drug! Initiates must adapt to accommodate the Iboga and the Bwiti way ~ a profound thought in light of how Westerners normally use drugs.

    Anyway, I got to thinking about the quote that I posted:
    It seems to me that this description could also be an accurate account of 21st Century internet social format. Perhaps we are already evolving to accommodate Iboga?
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