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Identity theives buy pot with Sen. Saslaw's credit card

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Identity theives buy pot with Sen. Saslaw's credit card

    Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-Springfield) said his phone has been ringing off the hook since a report appeared yesterday in California noting that local authorities were alleging Sacramento identity thieves had stolen the senator's credit card number and used it to buy, among other things, medical marijuana. Saslaw gave an interview to a Sacramento radio station yesterday at the request of California authorities, and since then he's gotten calls from Fox News and others.

    Saslaw said he was alerted to a problem with his American Express credit card in March and quickly reported it to Virginia State Police. Virginia authorities reported it to the California State Highway Patrol, which is now searching for two suspects in the Sacramento area in connection with the theft. Saslaw said the suspects reached out to multiple banks and credit card companies in an effort to get new cards in his name. "They were persistent," he said.

    Saslaw praised the Virginia and California authorities and said reaching out to police was the right thing to do when he realized he'd been the victim of identity theft. "They were really very efficient," he said.

    Saslaw theorized that his number was skimmed while he ate at a Northern Virginia restaurant.

    As for the $225 in medical marijuana charged to the 70-year old senator's card?

    "That's California for you," he said. "You can buy pot on a credit card."


  1. coolhandluke
    what idiots would try to give the media excuses to lump medical marijuana in with crime, also seems easy to get caught if swiy needs a special card to buy it the weed, swim thinks the dispensaries would keep records or something and it could get traced back to them.
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ nope- dispensaries usually keep minimal records. And most only require a doctors recomendation- many counties still do not issue cards, and even in those that do many choose not to get entered into the system and only carry the dr recomendation.
  3. High :D
    Shit Swim laughed lol. Pretty epic.
  4. coolhandluke
    oh thanks for info swim didn't know how it worked he thought the laws would be more strict than that. swim heard there was a bill in the works in his states legislation, hopefully he will be able to get medical marijuana soon.
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