'iDosing' Hits UK Press with Journalist Experiments

By DKatana · Jul 22, 2010 · ·
  1. DKatana
    The iDosing thing has likely been covered someplace on the drugs-forums, however this topic specifically concerns the past 3 days as the British press in particular analyzing iDoser which is a series of audio tracks with binaural waves that apparantly get one high when listened to.

    Sounds ridiculous, but the UK press have reported on it with lengthy articles; famous newspapers The Sun and the Daily Mail among them.

    Some journalist have taken steps to personally investigate the matter - with a video appearing on Youtube yesterday featuring a journalist's story of his personal use of the iDoser as instigated by the recent furore over the issue.

    The Daily Mail report on iDoser is quite a lengthy write-up...the stories began on Oklahoma television and other US outlets, only spreading to the UK over a few days. The iDoser has been around for at least 3 years, and videos continue to appear of people apparantly affected by the music.

    Is it more of a comment on the media's hysterics and lack of verification than it is anything of consequence? There isn't much scientific weight to the argument that iDosing has much effect beyond placebo, yet the press still find time to get passionate about it.

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  1. kailey_elise
  2. godztear
    That is definitely just the press for you. Look at the mehpedrone incident for example, if the media can stir up a fuss and get people talking then they could care less how much truth is actually to the story. I have personally listened to dozens of these I-doses before disregarding them as total nonsense. Other then slightly heightened senses, which one could easily achieve by listening to their favorite music group, they are a complete waste of time and serve no purpose other then to make someone money for sales.

    I would like to see where the UK press takes this, considering how horribly they have treated the whole "Research Chemical" issue. Will they push for an immediate ban of sound?
  3. death&decay
    Swim is a long term drug abuser, mainly opiates and weed but just about everything there is. Swim heard of the iDoser Binerial Beats (spelling) and decided to give it a try. Wow Swim got so high from those sounds... haha ok hes just kidding it didn't do shit. Maybe if one is completely naive and never experienced narcotics before they may think they have an altered state of mind but for anyone who is a serious or even remotely serious drug advocate this whole thing is nonsense.

    Now, Swim believes that audio can no doubt have psychedelic effects on the brain, but not in this context and not to the extent in which it is promoted... Swim has listened to MANY of these beats and all of them fall short of the stick.
  4. DKatana
    I would have linked you to the stuff I mentioned; the Youtube videos, journalist's experience and whatnot.

    However as I mostly just lurk this forum and only post occasionally I was unable to furnish fellow users with the links. Fifty post minimum apparantly, for anti-spam purposes.

    If you'd like to see the ones I had in mind to link...Google is your friend. Also via youtube 'idosing journalist' or something similar will bring up the video I mentioned, just 'idosing' gets you people apparantly high on the tunes hah.
  5. port 21
    In all fairness to iDoser, its more complex than people think.
    It requires meditation and concentration, you dont just whack the headphones on and walk down the street getting baked on some iweed....

    The out of body, lucid dreaming, anti migraine and salvia beats do definately have an effect if concentration and meditation is practiced. The salvia beat produces an effect similar to a 5x closed eye visual experience, nothing amazing.
    The out of body beat is odd, after lying on my back, with extremely expensive high quality headphones, in the dark for 45 mins, and it is similar to a very low doe of ketamine. It felt like my physical body was below my spiritual body by about 6 inches. I lost concentration, lost the state, and couldnt be assed getting it back as it was late at night =P.

    Of course the meditation alone may have caused the effects, but the non drug related beats in the packages are interesting
  6. OL909
    It didn't work for swim sadly, maybe it's an individual thing or maybe you need to be in the right mindset.
  7. mugabe
    Swim doesn't actually use Idoser but he does use relaxation mp3s that have binaural beats in them.

    They are a great tool for insomnia. When it is hard to sleep he just puts some delta wave relaxation songs with binaural beats onto an mp3 player and it really helps with sleep. Puts the brain into a much more relaxed state and helps make it ready to drift of and sleep.

    It can take a while to find the right track though as a lot of the binaural beat relaxation tracks on youtube are more irritating than relaxing. Takes a while to find one that sounds relaxing as well as having the binaural beats.
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