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"If I'm happy, I'm drinking": 'Gangnam Style' star Psy reveals alcohol problem

  1. Rob Cypher
    Korean rapper Psy has hinted in a candid new interview that he has an alcohol dependency, admitting that he drinks all the time.

    The 35-year-old pop star, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, became a worldwide sensation last year for his Gangnam Style song and its rhythmic horse-riding dance after it went viral on YouTube.

    In a new interview the star talked about his drinking habits, confessing: 'If I'm happy, I'm drinking. If I'm sad, I'm drinking. If it's raining, I'm drinking. If it's sunny, I'm drinking.'

    The father of two told Britain's The Sunday Times magazine about his addiction, adding that the only time he is not drinking is when he's hungover which happens 'a lot'.

    Psy is quoted as saying Korean vodka is his 'best friend' and 'vice partner,' but he enjoys 'whiskey, vodka, tequila, whatever.'

    In the chat with the star, Psy also opened up about his troubled past.

    The singer, who is known for his funky sunglasses and showy outfits, talked about his abusive father and a stint in jail.

    It was also revealed that Psy was arrested in Korea in 2001 for possession of marijuana.

    The singer described his arrest as a 'horrible fail,' but also considered it a valuable lesson.

    'As an artist, the more experience, the better the creation,' he told the Sunday Times. 'I'm a very positive person. So if shit happens, I think maybe this happens because a huge amount of happiness is coming to me.'

    Earlier this month, YouTube congratulated Psy on his one year anniversary on YouTube, during which he has had over 1.7billion hits for his Gangnam Style video.

    Gangnam Style is the most watched video of all time on YouTube.

    Daily Mail
    July 29, 2013



  1. SpatialReason
    I'm trying not to be funny when it comes to someone's addiction. God help me I will not make a joke with regards to this man.

    I like this dude. He has a good time a bit too much because he looks like a living "good time" personified. I think it is simply because who wouldn't want to have a drink with Psy or buy him one? Hundreds of millions of people... :p I think a lot of people took that to a liberal extent. Poor guy.

    Also, truly, I'd want to start drinking if people saw me in the streets and just started going "OP OP OP OPOP..." He is officially known by everyone that has ever had access to a computer or TV. He is the Asian Michael Jackson, and I am sure if he brings it all down to simmer, he'll be fine. Megastardom can do hard things to your lifestyle.
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