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  1. Spoonwoman

    Sometimes, I still think about you

    I think about what could have been.

    I think about what was, and what wasn't.


    I think I don't really know at all

    What I ever wanted.

    I just know that

    you were one of the many things

    I wanted, but couldn't have,

    Then could have had, but didn't take.

    Now every time I think about you,

    I wonder if I did the right thing...

    By chancing something great

    For a moment of


    That was just a taste, for both of us

    Of something that

    will be so sweet... one day..when we find that right person.

    I think about how I said i was sorry so many times,

    And how the

    words were echos of a voice you've grown to push out of your memory


    sorry doesn't mean anything when you've broken someone's heart.

    I wish I could have let you see a glimpse of my feelings,

    Even though they were somewhat twisted between fantasy and reality

    And even though I ended up hurting you,

    I wonder if I could have loved you,

    I did in MY own way, even, if its possible to love someone when you don't even love yourself

    But I thought I did love you, inside and out

    And felt closer to you at one point in my life than i have to almost anyone.

    I thought I could somehow bypass the girl YOU wanted to love and make you love ME

    But it never quite happened that way.

    I can't decide whether or not I regret ever having a relationship with you

    Part of me wishes I had never met you

    Maybe I could have saved us a lot of heartache.

    Maybe I wouldn't have been just one more girl who hurt you

    But another part of me is thankful that I got to have that time with such an amazing person

    I know it was the wrong time.I know everything about it was wrong

    Except the way you looked at me and how you told me i was beautiful and worth more than I knew.

    That was sincere and honest and meaningful

    And if for nothing else, I knew then that your heart must be as beautiful as the rest of you.

    (You know your sexy as fuck!..lol)

    I was too caught up in would-have-been's and what-if's and dealing with my own demons

    There's a lot that's left unsaid of everything.

    It wasn't really worth saying anymore.

    It would have fallen on deaf ears, i'm sure.

    But sometimes, I still wonder what it would have been like To wake up next to you everyday

    Somewhere far from here

    But here we are.

    Strangers again.

    You've gone your way, and I've gone mine.

    I'm doing ok and i don't know how you are these days.

    But, I think of you

    When little things remind me

    of you...us..

    and I always think of


    But what do you say to someone who's stopped listening?

    I guess you don't.

    So i dont.

    I just think..

    And hope that you're ok...

    And that you're happy.

    And that i hope you find someone to love you

    The way i


    If only

    Author Bio

    Just a squirrel trying to get a nut ;)
    And some dope =)

Recent User Reviews

  1. Getbehindmesatan
    "So deep!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 20, 2017
  2. mastermind22
    "Really felt this"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jun 2, 2017
    Feel the emotion in this can relate to it a lot to people I pushed away choosing chemicals over them or the chemicals causing behavior that got between me and them.


  1. mastermind22
    This is a great poem I really feel it.
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