Ignorance is bliss.

By Diabolicaldoll · Aug 3, 2013 · ·
  1. Diabolicaldoll
    "The more ignorant you are the more happy you are".

    Have you ever wished you were a child? Have you ever wanted to be blissfully ignorant to the world? I think we all at some point have desired ignorance in one way or another.

    I am someone, who when intrigued even slightly by a subject, I have compulsively read/watch until I know the subject inside out or at least until a level that satisfies me.

    This compulsive behaviour has made me aware of how the world really works. It has made me aware of all the evil, selfish, and corrupt people who manage to brainwash the masses. I sometimes see little difference between Hitler & Nazi Germany and the west today. I try & subtly preach what I think people should know but I then think if they were capable of seeing through it then they would have by now and therefore they are usually not open minded enough to entertain my words.

    "Well you never see a white terrorist". I seen this in a comment on Facebook and I replied "No but an afghan civvy does". I was met with comments about betraying my race & country etc. Maybe if I thought like them and thought that our soldiers are nothing but heroes then maybe I would be happier, ignorance is bliss.

    I wish I was ignorant to hypocrites.

    A middle aged woman who was prescribed morphine for her bad back from accident six years ago, no longer has any pain but has a morphine habit so tells lies every day in order to keep getting her prescription is the same woman who thinks heroin addicts are the lowest of the low.

    The girl who sleeps with multiple men every weekend would have no problem in spitting in the face of a prostitute.

    Just rambling/venting.

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  1. varuka
    Several great points. Especially about our country. I wish i didn't know about all the terrible things out government does,, wish i was one of the SHEEPLE, could just drink their cool aid and blindly believe everythings ok. It would be easier. People do get offended about it easily. They don't realize that we love our country as muchas the next guy, i just can't believe what they say and do. I don't hold anything against the soldiers, it's not their fault, really they're just doing their job. I blame the government, the president, etc.

    People will always condemn what they haven't been thru. Until they go thru it. Then you just gotta love karma.
  2. varuka
    Oops, sorry, just realized you're form the united kingdom. Sorry. But it all still stands.

    I always find myself trading your posts and i think I've agreed with you every time!
  3. SwampFox56
    Reading this was exactly like looking in a mirror.

    I am EXACTLY the same way. When I get interested about something - I have to know everything about it. It honestly controls my life. For instance, 3 months ago, I found out how you could extract morphine and codeine from poppy seeds. I found out everything about it - how to do it, different ways to do it, how to maximize the effects, what poppy seeds work best, etc.

    I then convinced my dad to take me to the grocery store at 12 AM with some sob story about how poppy seeds can be used to remove oil from your keyboard, just so I could get him to do it. And the problem is, I do this ALL THE TIME!!! I feel awful afterwards! I feel extremely guilty about it and that gives me bad anxiety. But the anxiety of not giving into the compulsion of figuring out if it works or not is even worse than my guilt!

    Anyways, I am exactly like you in the fact that I have to figure out everything about a subject if it even slightly interests me. Again, just like you, I feel like I know WAY more about the world than I should, or would even like to. I also wish I was one of the sheeple. It would make me such a happier person...

    I feel for you, as this also greatly effects my quality of life. Since the event above - I have found that Sodium Blockers work wonders for this. Lamotrigine can't stop my compulsions entirely, however, it has made me much more "in charge" of my behavior. Just thought I'd let you know :)

    Feel free to PM me anytime if you'd like to talk!
  4. Spiritos
    You're on the right track doll, seeing the world with the eyes of a child is the foundation of many a spiritual school and philosophy. Many great minds before you have come the same realisation. Now if only we could turn that insight into something better....
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