Ignorance isn't bliss

By kailey_elise · Oct 19, 2012 · ·
  1. kailey_elise
    I was on the bus today, knitting away whilst listening to some woman talk about her work as a constable to the driver. He expressed interest in the position and was telling him how easy it was & no big deal.

    Then, as she was about to get off the bus, she says something like, it's really simple, "as long as you don't run into anyone whacked out on drugs or methadone! *insert laugh here*"

    It really took a lot of me to NOT smash her in the back of her head with my stainless steel, double-walled travel mug, still half filled with hot chocolate. (granted, I'm pregnant, so my hormone levels might be a smidgen out of whack ;))

    My girlfriend was taking a different bus to the clinic this morning, and heard her driver talking to one of her regular riders, about how 2 guys from the methadone clinic were trying to get her to stop once she was already pulled away from the bus stop & she said no (& she would apparently have been blocking another street had she done so). These little shits decided to spit on her windshield & the side of the bus. She apparently told the inspector that if she saw them again, she wasn't going to pick them up. Which I think is within her rights. But she was also mentioning (trying to?) get the video of them leaving the clinic at that time, as well as them on camera from the car dealership behind the bus stop in question, and to try to get them kicked off the clinic.

    Of which I have two issues here.

    1). Ignorant people are certainly NOT going to change their opinions of "filthy junkies" if you're acting like a fucking asshole. Like it or not, you need to work harder in order to change peoples perception of clients of a methadone clinic.

    2). Who the fuck does she think she is, trying to get them removed from treatment? There's a McDonald's at this bus stop as well. Would she say something about "those lazy fatasses who eat at McDonald's every day", and try to get them to not be allowed to eat there anymore, because they happened to be assholes to her?

    It can be so frustrating to hear peoples perceptions of those on a methadone clinic. Because even if I speak up to show that there are normal looking, average people on the clinic not drooling on themselves, they assume *I* am the anomaly. Which isn't true. There are PLENTY of us who dose & then go about our day, raising kids, going to school, running a business.

    We have nearly 900 clients at our clinic right now. There are about 50-60 "problem clients". The issue is, they end up being the visible characters of the clinic. You just don't see the rest of us, because we're not doing anything different than any other average member of society. "Ugh, look at that awful methadone patient, buying healthy groceries! How disgusting!" just isn't a phrase you're gonna hear out of anyone's mouth.

    But the few that use methadone to keep from having to worry about finding dope every day, but then abuse cocaine or stimulants or - worst of all - benzodiazipines, become what people see as "methadone users". Somehow, people think that the clinic has brought more drug use to the city & bitch about "those methadone users leaving used needles in our parking lot" - and this is from a restaurant nowhere near the clinic. ??! What?!

    Ugh. I dunno what my point is. I just really hate how judgmental people can be about topics they know fuckall about. *sigh*

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  1. Nanashi
    Deep breath babe, deeeeeeeep breaths.
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