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IL- 3 Years for One Tab of BZP

By toe, Jun 17, 2010 | | |
  1. toe
    Danville Man Sentenced to Prison for Drug Charge

    A Danville man who admitted possessing a controlled substance was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison and fined $650. Korey Goudy, 30, who listed an address in the 2400 block of East Main Street, pleaded guilty in Champaign County Circuit Court to possession of one tablet of an hallucinogenic drug referred to as BZP.
    Assistant State's Attorney Dan Clifton said Goudy was in a car accident near Champaign on Nov. 14 and the drug was found in a lunch box in the car.
    Goudy had three prior drug-related convictions and a federal conviction, Clifton said.




  1. godztear
    3 years for 1 pill, what a waste of resources. Sure they guy has prior convictions, but 1 lousy pill and he gets to sit in the penitentiary at tax payers expense... Where are the real criminals suppose to go?
  2. Raoul duke420
    Dude that is a ridiculously harsh sentance! shit send the guy to treatment or some meetings or something, but 3years:mad:?? Shit you do less time some places for a 1st degree robbery.
  3. polydruguser
    And bzp sucks!!in swims opinion. Poor guy
  4. godztear
    That is very true. I was in prison with someone who had a 1 year sentence for shooting someone in both legs in the middle of the day...in the middle of a park.

    Drug laws seam exceptionally harsh compared to actual crimes against others. This will never change on a universal level as drug use is treated as taboo by most of the people trying to get elected into office.
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