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Illegal Drugs Discovered (acid) at an Ohio nursing home

  1. Basoodler
    LANCASTER, Ohio - Employees said they made a drug discovery on a vending machine inside the Heartland-Fairfield Nursing Center.

    Fairfield County sheriff's investigators believe it's LSD, a hallucinogenic drug popular in the 1960's, rarely seen circulating in Central Ohio today.

    Detectives said a cleaning crew discovered a sheet of the drug about the size of a business card, during a routine cleaning.

    They believe it had been there for two or three days.

    The nursing center turned it over to investigators, who are now working to determine who left it there and why.

    The Heartland-Fairfield Nursing Center released a statement to 10TV, saying they perform drug screenings on all employees and don't believe employees or patients were in danger at any time.

    Now, sheriff's detectives are working to determine who left it there and why.

    “There's no evidence that nursing home patients were using this, or anything like that,” said Jerry Perrigo, Fairfield Co Sheriff’s Office.

    Investigators plan to test the sheet to confirm the presence of the psychedelic drug.

    LSD is probably one of the worst of the hallucinogens, and even on the first use, you can produce induced and prolonged paranoia,” said Paul Coleman, Maryhaven.

    It’s a drug rarely seen on the streets in decades resurfacing in one of the least likely of places.



  1. SpatialReason
    That is the coolest thing I have ever heard of happening in a nursing home. Seriously, when we are old and infirm, if someone found acid... they'd be getting grandma's best baked goods and a hug. o.o

    Then again, it's probably not going to be LSD. As is usual. Blotters don't mean anything.
  2. Magilla
    Grandfather talking to visiting Grandson, Richie:

    "Hey Dickie, Leave me some of that shit you gave me when you were a kid!"
    What Gramps, "Some weed?"
    "No, no not the weed."
    "Well what then?"
    "You know them little things" Gramps puts his point finger on his tongue and explains to me, "You know the key..."

    So he brought in some Doses for his grandpa and left them in the vending machine for him and everything just like they planned, but gramps over-selpt and they found them instead and now you folks all know about it!

    This story is so classic!
  3. Magilla
    What would you suspect it was then given the cirumstances?
  4. Basoodler
    I know people who live in lancaster, I grew up very close to the town.. used to party at a bar there called desert rose (we called it "desperate Hoes") Anyway, I will ask around to see if I can get a scoop on this :)

    here is what was in the paper

    I doubt they do anything more with this to be honest.. the blotters will sit in police storage until the the sun envelopes the earth
    I bet some old fucker was blotting up some N-Bom's for the Gospel festival and dementia kicked in causing him to leave them behind :D
  5. Mindless
    Not one individual among the hundreds of LSD users or former users I have met has ever been a danger to themselves or others. Some of the staff may well be drug users. For fuck's sake, some of the care staff probably enjoy alcohol off duty. There is no evidence that drug users are poor nurses. I am furious that caring staff may lose employment rights if discovered to drug users.

    No it's not and no it doesn't. In my experience its not uncommon for some people to become anxious and fearful, but this generally passes before the trip is finished. There is no evidence that LSD can induce prolonged paranoia. Schizophrenia is associated with paranoia, but there is no evidence that LSD induces long-term psychosis of any kind. I don't know who Paul Coleman is, or how he reached his conclusion without any apparent evidence.
  6. Basoodler
    Its Lancaster Ohio

    They think (for real) that mitt Romney's loss was due to a communist conspiracy. Where Russian kgb run various media outlets..

    Its not a place where you find a great depth of knowledge on such matters. I can say that because I have blood lines running through there :)
  7. Emin
    There are many hallucinogenic drugs drugs that can easily be placed on blotter. Most are easily purchased online. People even put other substances on blotter, such as phenazepam. It's dangerous to assume that if you get a square of blotter that it is truly lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).
  8. Magilla
    This would be amazing to know anything more about this as it is just one of those stories, man, sounds like a pretty wild little place!

    ...may need to take a trip that way someday...!
  9. SpatialReason
    "Found on a vending machine"

    It was found where employees typically are. Usually, nursing homes will not give access to sugary sweets due to diabetic regulation requirements and renal diet requirements that most of their patients have. I highly doubt it was a patient in a skilled nursing home as they can order meals and snacks directly for themselves of a much better level from the kitchen. (Family used to work at skilled nursing facilities)

    So that bears to reason that it was an employee. The "so called acid" floating around commonly in the United States, as of recent, are RCs that people purchase online to sell to make money. I hate being cynical that way, but the recent samplings of "good stuff" people claimed to have makes me frown when I know it is not what they claim it to be. I would suspect it just to be some employee's blotters they pulled it out of their pocket for change and laid it down to buy a Twix. As stupid as that is.

    And honestly guys: who in the hell would bring their good drugs with long and powerful effect profiles to work?! It was obviously someone dealing it to other employees, and from my experience, you probably won't get "LSD" from a young person working in a nursing home. The scene there is entirely different. In a nursing facility, either they are drug-tested young kitchen workers/cleaning staff, or they are older experienced medical professionals, which in that demographic, would probably be far smarter than to take drugs to work and leave them.

    Okay, time for a sweet day dream to make everyone feel good inside as everyone wants to wish this was the story:
    Unless... someone's grandpa is giving away the last of his "flowerchild drug stock" due to him nearing the end of his life. As you are getting done seeing your nana and floating around the nursing home wearing your Grateful Dead shirt, some old man asks: "Son, you seem righteous. Here, take this. It is the only stuff left of its kind... and it's yours. From an original dead family member to you... enjoy it in this age of fake stuff. Safe travels, friend." (Day dreams are nice to have... let's all enjoy this one.)

    But sadly... I still think some young worker did something stupid as he was purchasing a snack...
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