Illegal Drugs is Illogical

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    llegal drugs are illogical

    Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    Dear Sir:

    I know it is almost useless to write my opinion on the commentary by Clarence Pilgrim about drugs. However I see such a stubborn adherence to the decades-long failed opposition to drugs that leads nowhere.

    No matter how much money and effort has been spent on the "War on Drugs", all sorts of drugs are still available in the same abundance everywhere. The political powers that keep the drugs illegal are creating the criminals. I explain that if the sought after drugs should be available in the pharmacy, on prescription, not expensive, the whole criminal circus would pack up right away.

    That's how simple it is. The policy of even keeping cannabis illegal is the most hurting because it is so illogical. Thousands of tax paying, well functioning honest and god fearing citizens use Cannabis in whatever quantity and form. Not one death has ever been reported of Cannabis use, contrary to the legal drug alcohol that claims lives daily.

    During a long hospital visit after being hit by a drunk driver, I sat often near the emergency entrance. Never in the 90 days that I was there did one victim of cannabis enter there. But 38 victims directly and indirectly of alcohol were brought in with broken bodies of accidents and fights, public and domestic.

    The Netherlands has tolerated the use of cannabis for over 25 years and society is much the better for it. Recently a quiz was on Dutch TV, 4 groups of 12 competed puzzles. One group were youngsters who used cannabis regularly, the others firemen, office workers and one was made up of hobby puzzlers. They won of course, used to solve crosswords and such. Second came the pot smoking group of very bright young people.

    The whole of Europe is tolerating personal use of cannabis and several countries tolerate all drugs for personal use. Portuguese politicians follow the logic line and say that if you want to kill yourself with cigarettes, alcohol, fast automobiles, and other methods, why not drugs?

    British politicians have lately tolerated cannabis to lighten the burden on the police force who can be used for serious and real crimes. If drugs are made legal and sold in pharmacies, the criminal gangs who now exploit the users with high prices and blackmail them with prison scare tactics will be gone overnight.

    Those who keep it illegal are looked upon by intelligent people as being complicit in the trade, why would they otherwise keep it so? Reports from Afghanistan say that the opium trade is up from before the US occupation and that the CIA buys most of it. And of course you really think the CIA destroys it? They sell it and arrest the buyers to feed the prison industry. Let us not go into the details, there are too many worms in this can.

    The fact remains that keeping drugs illegal is illogical.

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