Illicit CA lab shut down - source of fake Oxycontin, ecstasy pills

By radiometer · Apr 21, 2006 · Updated Aug 30, 2009 · ·
  1. radiometer
    It's about time the DEA did something good for us!

    According to the latest Microgram journal, a lab was recently busted in CA. This lab was producing counterfeit Oxycontin tablets which contained fentanyl (most likely any junkies reading this probably have heard of these) and adulterated 'ecstasy' tablets which contained MDA, fentanyl and caffeine (square tablets with a "K" imprint - likewise, many ecstasy users may have heard of these). Also found were tablets which appeared to be 'ecstasy' tablets, but which actually contained TMA (trimethoxyamphetamine).




    The DEA Southwest Laboratory (Vista, California) recently received multiple exhibits from a very large-scale clandestine laboratory, including various tablets (including apparent OC-80 logo Oxycontin® tablets), a variety of chemicals, and drug manufacturing recipes. The laboratory (which included a tablet press) was located in Azuza (a suburb of Los Angeles), and was seized by personnel from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and Crime Laboratory (see Photos 11 and 12). The initial appraisal of this site suggested that MDMA was being manufactured; however, subsequent laboratory analyses and a review of the recipes (acquired from the Internet) confirmed that it was actually producing fentanyl and 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA).

    links incase the photos don't show.

    Photo 11
    Photo 12

    The fentanyl appeared to be synthesized using the Siegfried route, and was found in both tablet and powder forms. One tablet exhibit contained 201 round, green tablets bearing the “OC-80” logo (total net mass 27.5 grams). These appeared to be distinctly undersized mimics of legitimate Oxycontin® tablets (which contain 80 milligrams of oxycodone; see Photos 13 and 14); however, analysis by GC, GC/MS, and IR indicated that these tablets actually contained 1.5 mg of fentanyl hydrochloride. Tablets like these have been seized throughout the country, and it appears that this lab was a source or possibly the source (could not be confirmed, because the tablet press, punches, and dies were not submitted). There were many thousands of these tablets at the laboratory.

    Photo 13
    Photo 14

    Other Ecstasy-type tablets and associated powders were found to contain a combination of MDA, fentanyl, and caffeine. The tablets came in four different logos: A) A Lacoste® Alligator (268 tablets, total net mass 66.0 grams (see Photo 15)); B) An unusual character that appeared to be an elongated letter “C” and its mirror-image interlocked back-to-back, somewhat similar to the Chanel® logo (101 tablets, total net mass 22.4 grams (see Photo 16)); C) An “XL” (1 tablet, 240 milligrams (No Photo)); and D) A “K” (996 square white tablets, total net mass 223.3 grams (No Photo)). Analysis of the tablets (same techniques) indicated an average of 14.2 milligrams of MDA and 1.0 milligrams of fentanyl (average tablet weight 224 milligrams). The synthetic route to MDA was not determined; however, large amounts of safrole were among the chemicals seized at the laboratory (but 3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl-2-propanone (MDP2P) was not identified in any of the submitted samples).

    Photo 15
    Photo 16
    Photo 17

    Finally, 1640 blue, diamond shaped tablets (total net mass 620.4 grams) were found to contain 2,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine hydrochloride (TMA, quantitation not done due to lack of a reference standard (see Photo 17)). No ingredients or recipes for TMA were identified at the laboratory, and it was therefore concluded that these tablets were not produced at this site.

    The Southwest Laboratory has previously received “OC-80” Oxycontin® mimic tablets; however, these were the first ever submissions of Ecstasy-type tablets containing mixtures of fentanyl, MDA, and caffeine, and of blue, diamond-shaped tablets containing TMA, to the laboratory. This is also the second fentanyl-producing clandestine laboratory encountered in southern California in the past year and a half.

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  1. Richard_smoker
    Oh my GOD!

    That's CRAZY!!! What a fucking idea for a business venture!!

    I mean, seriously! Those "OC-80's" would do absolutely nothing to you if you were a 'normal'--sorry, poor term--if you were a 'pill-popping' pill user. Fentanyl doesn't even work if you swallow it.

    Kinda fucked-up that they 'knew' the only people hunting down OC-80's would be injecting and/or snorting them...

    very scary stuff there. easy to OD on, but then again, so are OC's, so it's not like the users didn't know the risks. (i guess...) still absolutely horrible AND ingenious at the same time...

    I HATE THIS GUY... but um, I also kind love him and respect his business-savy. Now hospitals/doctors/pharmacies can point fingers at someone ELSE when the DEA comes knocking for prescription drug "diversion."
    Oh, I guess I was assuming that these pills went straight to the streets as illegal drugs... they weren't actually trying to pass them off to pharmacies or patients, right?
  2. Richard_smoker
    Wait a sec... I just realized that there was fentanyl in the XTC as well... that's VERY fucked-up. In other words, there was enough F in there to KILL someone if they snorted it, plugged it, smoked it, or injected it...

    kinda strange, how this War on Drugs is sorta protecting us in a way...

    :confused: Someone please tell me how I should feel right now. :confused:

  3. FrankenChrist
    These guys were assholes. Arrested by other assholes.

    If there wasn't a drug war and if things were legal and regulated, quality could be checked and guaranteed and we wouldn't need a DEA in the first place. Or maybe in the form of a quality assurance agency, like the FDA :D

    [/captain obvious to the rescue!]
  4. IHrtHalucingens
    So lets see here legalization would be SAFER for the user, could be beneficial to everyone through medical advances with certain substances, and it would be in the best interest of the country, financially speaking. Seeing as how we are in debt trillions of dollars so far with this war. Think about how much they make off of just tobacco and how much they could make off of opiates and other illegal drugs. Not to mention the billions of dollars spent each year on the drug war and the cost of jailing the some half a million drug offenders. I see more pros than cons. Why dont more people realize that this is supposed to be a free country and everyones beliefs are supposed to be protected against persecution.

    I know im preaching to the choir here, and im sorry for the rant but it really pisses me off sometimes.
  5. kemistudent
    Wow! I have to agree with the original statement. The DEA came through for once! I hope they throw the book at these assholes. Fentanyl is dangerous shit to play around with, and supplying it to unknowing customers will surely cause a few deaths.

    Good job fucko's! You did good for once!
    Wow thats crazy ... its about time they went after the real jackoffs
  7. RealGanjaMan
    I don't understand... How would this help there buisness?
  8. Richard_smoker
    It would "help" their business because for the most part, oral OC users would not be using their pills in the first place... in the addictive drug business, all it takes is people who are willing to take your meds to 'help' business.

    But it's a moot point considering that they do not exist anymore. and also, I didn't mean to insinuate that they were doing anything "good." These guys are SHIT.
  9. GlassAss420
    SWIM wouldn't mind if his fentynal tab came with a bit of an MDA booster.... they just need new guys in their marketing department..
  10. fnord
    Wow! I have to agree with the original statement. The DEA came through for once! I hope they throw the book at these assholes. Fentanyl is dangerous shit to play around with, and supplying it to unknowing customers will surely cause a few deaths.

    Good job fucko's! You did good for once!

    still sad,dosent matter if they sold fent. as xtc/oc that deserves a good beating they should be in a hospital not jail!!!!
  11. UberDouche
    ^ ^ ^ "dosent matter if they sold fent s xtc/oc that deserves a good beating they should be in a hospital not jail." , lol!

    B13C couldn't agree more with that thought :)
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