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Illinois considers legalizing marijuana for a fiscal boost.

  1. detoxin momma

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ Illinois state lawmakers are considering a proposal that could make Illinois the first state in the Midwest and the ninth nationally to legalize recreational pot.

    Two Chicago Democrats introduced legislation last week that would legalize small amounts of marijuana for adults and license businesses to sell cannabis products. They argue it would help solve the state’s budget crisis.

    Sen. Heather Steans (STAYNZ’) and Rep. Kelly Cassidy say the move could raise between $350 to $700 million in tax revenue, create new jobs and bolster tourism.

    But they know the proposal could face opposition from fellow lawmakers. They plan to jumpstart conversations with legislators, interest groups and the public this spring but won’t move legislation this session.

    The Illinois Association of Police Chiefs opposes the legislation over traffic safety concerns.


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    Written by: Associated Press, Mar 26, 2017, fox news

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  1. mess clean
    "Great news."
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 27, 2017
    A well formatted and informative little article about the potential legalization of cannabis in Illinois.

    If this actually happens here in the Midwest, I think legalization will fly across the nation. Illinois is a blue state, but that's just because of Chicago...the rest of the state is quite rural with farmland and stuff. So, if this legislation actually goes through in Illinois, I can definitely see other states in the Midwest considering the same legislation.

    And in the last sentence, if the Illinois Police Chief Association has concerns about it over driver safety, perhaps they should push for criminalization of alcohol first.


  1. Memnoch
    From what I seen they are going to charge 50 a oz for wholesale in taxes. So what's a oz going to cost for normal buyers 400 I can't even I.agine. people will still have to get it illegal because it will caust so much. But 3 plants I think you are allowed to grow on your property so yay for people who want to do that. IL. desperate ly needs the income have to see next year when they vote what's what though.
    If the feds follow the trend of busting legal shops and seazing there assets. Including there homes cars TVs anything they want pretty much. Then the poor people being tied up in court for years trying to get it back. I
    wouldn't want to go in to that business.
    want to own a shop.
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