Illinois man submits a no-contest plea in $3 million drug case

By whitenoise · Oct 1, 2009 ·
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    An Illinois man pleaded no contest Tuesday to his role in a nearly $3 million marijuana delivery.
    Erwin Medina-Gonzales, 33, of Gurnee, faces 10 years in prison for drug possession. Sentencing is Nov. 3 before Kenosha County Circuit Judge Wilbur W. Warren III.“I’m not fighting it,” Medina-Gonzales said in court.
    Charges were filed in March after a drug bust in Illinois led local police to an undercover catch in Kenosha and an offer from an alleged drug dealer to give police $100,000 to “fix things” and return nearly $3 million of marijuana.
    The drug operation began to unravel after Illinois State Police found 1,000 pounds of marijuana in a semi-tractor trailer during a traffic stop. The supply was meant for delivery to a Pleasant Prairie warehouse called “Mex Imports,” 5647 77th St.
    Illinois authorities and federal officials enlisted the Kenosha Drug Operations Unit, or K-DOG, to help with a staged delivery.
    Medina-Gonzales reportedly met the driver, who brought 68 packages of marijuana hidden in pallets of Coca-Cola and Pepsi cases to the warehouse.
    He admitted being involved in the drug operation. He also allowed police to search his home, where police found shrink-wrapped bundles of $100 bills in amounts ranging from $2,000 to an estimated $20,000.
    Police believe they collected nearly $30,000 from the home.
    There was no available record of charges being filed against the person who might have coordinated the delivery.
    While in Illinois, that suspect called Medina-Gonzales, a criminal complaint says. The caller talked to police and offered $100,000 to “fix things” and return the drugs.
    It was unclear whether the caller has been identified.

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    Published September 30, 2009 | 11:41 p.m.


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