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Illuminati Drug alert

By mrsJackson, Jul 2, 2012 | Updated: Sep 4, 2012 | | |
  1. mrsJackson

    On 27/06/2012 a Blyth male was supplied with an Hallucinogenic drug
    which was a mix of LSD and Ecstasy. The male believed the drug to be
    similar to ‘2CD’ or ‘2 CT’ and named it ‘Illuminati’ . The hybrid drug was
    purchased from the internet. The description of the drug is as follows:
    strip of thin cardboard with individual tabs (taken off and
    placed/absorbed on the tongue) in the picture form shown above. The
    taking of the drug proved to be a very strong hallucinogen. The more
    you take (our male took 4), the more intense and uncontrollable the
    experience will be. Panic attacks and even an acute psychosis has
    been reported. Our male decided to attempt to detach his head from
    his body. An attempt made with several knife wounds to the front and
    rear of the neck. Fortunately he still lives.


  1. Alfa
    I assume that the writer was high on this drug while typing this up?
  2. mrsJackson
    very strange, the same Alert was sent round by the DAAT's too. No eveidence so far from my research of any such drug so i will be interested in anyone elses thoughts.
  3. Phenoxide
    What a confused statement. The last paragraph in particular descends into alarmist zombie stories. It does look like it was written by someone under the influence rather than a formal police statement. Is there a specific source and date/time on the text? I cannot see any such announcement on the Northumbria or Blyth Police websites.

    Blotters purchased over the internet make me think they're probably referring to an N-benzylphenethylamine of some variety.
  4. Bad Rabbits
    I know there is so much to question about this statement, but nonetheless I will add what I know.

    I believe the 'Illuminati' name may in fact refer to the print on the blotter paper.

    I've just uploaded the image to the gallery here, should be available soon.
  5. Basoodler
    I have no idea if this is related or not, but a lot of the people i meet in the ghetto seem to be paranoid by the "illuminati" they somehow tie it to the music industry and brain washing. I generally ignore it because its retarded.

    Could this statement just be a troll to fuck with the paranoid of the world? It just seems like good bait for the paranoid and or weak minded
  6. ramskip
    I don't think that it would be physically possible to put enough "Ecstasy", and or MDMA on a blotter to illicit much of a response from an individual. Erowid reports that the minimum threshold dose is 30mgs, and the common range is around 75-125mgs. There are too many variables involved to suggest what the "average" blotter can carry, but it's doubtful that one would choose paper as a way to distribute a substance with a dosage profile such as MDMA.

    These alleged blotters are either purely LSD, or some other substance that has a low dosage threshold, likely active under 5mgs.

  7. MindSlave
    I know they didn't mention any vasoconstriction, dosage, or the duration of the experience, but do you think it's a possibility that this substance could be Bromo? This article hardly gives any information to base some research off of.
  8. hookedonhelping
    Ok, I feel like a broken record sometimes, but here we go again:

    NBOMe's @ 1mg dosages will blow your mind, double that up, and they may REALLY blow your mind.. quadruple that, and they will likely fry your mind..

    Haven't tried, just sayin' NOT ALL DRUGS BEHAVE LIKE LSD!!! (when re: dosing)
  9. Docta
    This drug alert is a hoax

    This thread is an example of why we have a standard format for the News Page, having a link to the original source material makes for easy authentication.

    In this case just a cursory investigation of the claims found no reports, posts or media releases from Northumbria Police that in any way shape of form matched the claims in this thread.

    As a member of the Newshawks: News Forum Crew I like to think we could maintain some kind of standards, story's trending on DF get picked up by other boards and in some cases news services.
    This kind of trash, especially a hoax drug alert dilutes the credibility of the news page.

    Opening up a can of woop-ass and serving it up to the OP will do nothing in this case,
  10. greenfairy1034
    All these posts seem to be several months old yet this story is still showing up in the news section. I am a newbie but one of the things I enjoy on this site is the news section. This story should be removed.
  11. Routemaster Flash
    It's conceivable that a drug could have effects somewhat intermediate between MDMA and LSD (I've heard 2C-B described in more or less those terms, dunno if it's really justified) but a "a mix of LSD and Ecstasy" would be exactly that - a mixture of two distinct compounds, not a "new drug" at all.

    And even if it were a new drug, why the fuck would anyone called it "Illuminati"? I'm reminded of Chris Morris's 'Cake', a.k.a. Russel Dust, Ponce-on-the-heath, Loony Toad Twat, Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack...
  12. mrsJackson
    This alert is not a hoax, it has not been made public and will not be found on any wedsite for police oe DAAT's.

    The illuminati is the name given to the blotter picture.

    there is very little know about this other than the information given in this alert.

    there is no link as it is not on the internet as a public alert
  13. mrsJackson

    Some times information gets to others before it hits the media and internet, dont forget there is a real world before you read what you do on these types of forums you speak of.
  14. naughtynicknails
    It isn't possible to put amount needed for a recreational dose of any of those drugs (apart from LSD) onto a piece of blotter paper..

    Could be a DOx? or an NBOMe? Could be LSD? Could be bromo-dragonfly?.. the vosoconstriction (as someone mentioned earlier) isn't noticable unless you overdose. I've done it once before and didn't notice any hint of vasocontriction.. felt like crap the next day though (while still tripping)..
  15. naughtynicknails
    If the report is true at all (which i doubt)..
  16. Routemaster Flash
    Ah, this makes a bit more sense. Probably that image of the 'eye of God' in a pyramid, beloved of people who think the US govt conspired with the alienspacejewlizards to cause 9/11... (Edit: haha, just looked at Bad Rabbits's image link - yep, spot on.)

    There have apparently been plenty of incidents in recent years where dealers with access to potent psych RCs have dosed blotters with them and sold them as LSD. Because these RCs are often very long-lasting and 'heavy' even for acid fans, but are active in the range of milligrams rather than micrograms, people go by the motto "if it's bitter, it's a spitter", because there's enough of the drug to taste it on the blotter.
  17. Docta
    I see, well in that case just take a photo of the alert and post it.

    The DAAT warning will look something like this one,

  18. mrsJackson
    i am sorry that you dont belive my honesty in this alert.
    I have PM'd you.

    I have posted this alert for fellow members safety and information. Like i posted the same alert you just uploaded< last week.

    I dont see anyone else alerting forum members, and now i see that you have that alert it makes me wonder why you havent already shared this alert with fellow forum members for their information and safety!?
  19. Routemaster Flash
    Look guys, let's just say that if anyone in the north of England offers you an 'acid' tab decorated with a cheesy Eye Of God logo, politely decline. Why take the risk? I don't see any reason for the OP to have made this up, she doesn't even live in the UK (I assume).
  20. enquirewithin
    If anyone remembers the Iluminatus! they would expect this to be a joke. Selling LSD and MDMA mixed together makes no economic sense. As for detaching your head from your body...
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