Im a sexual being, a very very sexual being.

By hookedonhelping · Sep 9, 2012 · ·
  1. hookedonhelping
    For much of my life my happiness has stemmed from making others happy. This enticed me to procure and provide drugs to others, as drugs seem to make people happy. I know for a fact that drugs have made me happy on a thousand or so occasions, so I am guilty as charged for spreading happiness about the room.

    As I reflect back, I have always been the one who has striven to be "the guy" with the best quality and selection for others to enjoy. This behavior of being a good host, a good source, has been the foundation of who I am as a person. I think in many aspects of my life, I try to excel in whatever it is I am engaged in. This sort of competitive mindset stems from the friends I have kept over the years.

    Unfortunately, the laws of the land in which I reside have made themselves known to me and in doing so I have been made fully aware that this behavior will not be tolerated. With the penalties as great as they are, I have had to seek out a new source of happiness.

    Sex makes me happy, as it does billions of others. In many ways sex is like a drug. It acts on the dopamine and serotonin receptors just like some popular drugs do and sex is not illegal! ut Oh! However sodomy laws were once in place, making it illegal in my state, to engage in anal or oral sex. This has to be the most ridiculous set of laws ever written! If I stick my tongue into a consenting vagina, I would have been subjected to a Class B misdemeanor! Thank goodness they repealed these ridiculous laws, otherwise I would have starved to death!

    So how intimate does Uncle Sam want to get with me? Clearly he wants me to refrain from putting A, B and C in my body. He wants to know how much money I acquire, what assets I have, and until recently, he really didn't want me putting my wee wee in someones pie hole! I mean seriously, Land of the Free? Free to do what exactly?

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  1. Potter
    you're free to get fucked by Uncle Sam as he pleases, with or without consent!
  2. PillMan
    Your free to do life behind bars for taking "happy pills" and substances that make you feel happy. Your free say whatever you want...oops that's a lie.
  3. hookedonhelping
    free to interpret freedom in a literal logical sense, but expected to think like a sheep.. BaHHH!!! (never gonna happen)
  4. nitehowler
    Unfortunately you and i (ime an Aussie) live in countries that have more laws and regulations than any communist country in the world.

    Freedom is a distant mirage used to cover up the over controlling ways in which our governments discriminate against their population for medical race and gender among other things.

    Freedom of speech is also a thing of the past.

    Jail is not a place for a peaceful loving person like yourself. Lie low and shake the heat and look out cause the mutts will try any thing to set you up dont take the bait cause they will be fishen for you bro.

    Stay cool time out , find some good legal love drugs enjoy life on the outside.
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