I'm back! It took a lot of work to get there!

By SpatialReason · Jul 21, 2013 · ·
  1. SpatialReason
    So I had a lot of things to do before I could actually start talking to you folks again. I had to get my new home lined out, get my network and internet setup (literally, its a new home so we had to trench the f-ing cables outdoors), get an internal network going, get the computer setup, and then get back on here!

    As you all might have heard, I am in my own home now. I have a TV with Skype and a webcam (coming soon). If you all just want to chill and talk for a bit, we should because now I can talk about the fun stuff without worrying about my folks floating around. I no longer have to be paranoid or freaked out about anything! I am free!

    Really, I am not going all out about drugs any more like I used to. I really don't want to risk what I have worked so hard to earn. There would be no recourse at this point. All my money went into it. Back in the old days, I could laugh off anything that could happen. Now I have tied up my life into a mortgage, buying a little place, and building it up nice and neat the way I have always wanted it. It'd just be rather horrible to lose everything because I decided to order some grey market crap to my address. I have other ways of getting around that, but I am not going to play around like I used to. If I were to play with common street stuff, I could lose my job and my career through the random drug tests. Compound that with a mortgage where I have to be on top with my income, I'd ruin my life entirely in one fell swoop. Probably not the best of ideas. Yet I think I am no longer in the state of life where just having shit in a desk drawer is suitable. I think that I can be happy with knowing that I can play around when there are chances presented to me. I don't think my body can handle the nightly abuse like I once posed for it.

    It is rather spectacular and I am beside myself with how well I am taking care of myself and doing handyman work. I have installed new LED lighting setups, dimmers, 3 way switches, home automation for the lighting, security, got the garage finished, and I am about to stain and seal/gloss the garage floor for that extra badass-ness. The only thing I really lack now is a lady friend. That's okay though... I am a better cook, as I am realizing, than any girl that has ever tried to prepare a meal for me. So I am doing well in my own mind to live alone. :)

    I do have some of my remnants of my "great raid" where my parents found my stash. I have a few more things. I now have the best 46" LED 3D TV on themarket and a surround sound system. I figure that now is the time to go and watch Avatar while dosing my last few hits of acid. This sounds ... perfect. Just to crack you all up: yes, it took all of this to get what I wanted... a trip where no one can bother me. Also it'll be badass to crank up the sound and put on some 3D glasses and watch blue people.

    So yeah, here we are. Life is coming around. I have no reason to fret, fear, or be depressed. I can come home, pour me a shot in my new skull shot glasses, lie down in my bed, get naked, and crank up music. No one could care. I could put on a pizza, make some tea, and smoke some hookah. No one would care.

    Heh, it is cool to say that. PS: house warming party? I like the gifts you all bring. :3

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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    Very interesting read,, I love a person with goals, way to shine keep up the pace
  2. SpatialReason
    I'm a jackass. I decided to get domestic RCs. Pray that nothing happens. If all is good, we are done. I just wanted one more MXE adventure...:s
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