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I'm having pains in my penis after quitting smoking weed... will I be okay eventually?

  1. Robert3838
    Hi, my name is Robert. I'm 18 years old and I'm currently going to college to study music. I'm just now getting into my second semester and it has been 8 days since I last smoked marijuana. To be honest, I've been wanting to do this for a very long time. I've taken few day breaks here and there, but I always get suckered into smoking again. I've been smoking weed chronically for the past year and half, and it has for sure taken a tole. My short term memory is terrible, I have to focus so hard just to remember things, and even that doesn't work all the time. I've lost interest in doing things that I used to love doing, and I just feel like sitting around and doing nothing most of the time. Every time I'm in class or talking to someone, I'm always distracted in my head and i can never full engage myself in the moment. I'm always thinking about how weed has affected my brain and it distracts me from everything and mostly from enjoying my life. Just yesterday I went for a walk by myself and it helped a lot. I really just tried not overthink anything and I just went out and enjoyed nature without having to smoke bowl.... to be honest, smoking at first was amazing and i felt like a king. My best friend was the school stoner and I was soon to become one of the well known school stoners as well. It felt amazing... it made me feel more confident, cool, and just overall it made me really happy smoking all the time and still managing to do well in school and to be involved in so many things

    At around the 6 month mark of smoking i noticed my memory starting to get a little fuzzy, so I looked things up to see if it would get better and most sites said with time. About a month later i took a month and half break, but then went back to smoking because I was so miserable without it. After the break, i smoked even more weed than i ever have. My tolerance sky rocketed and I made sure I didnt go a day without smoking. I smoked every day this past summer and I took a 5 day break going to college, but then I went right back to smoking every single day. I kept up with classes and everything was fine. I knew my memory wasn't getting any better, but I told myself it would be okay... although one very strange experience happened to me.

    One day me and my two friends went out to smoke in the woods, just like always. Now just before i say what happened, when I typically had smoked, i always get a little tingling sensation in my penis area, but it was very subtle and it felt good, so it never bothered me. Although, that night, which was sometime this past november, when I smoked i got a very intense feeling in my testicles. Like... at first i felt the good tingling sensation, but it just kept increasing in intensity and all of a sudden it felt so powerful that it felt like my balls were hot and like they were almost sticking to my legs like eggs on a frying pan... I don't know how else to explain it. It was like this pulsing that just felt so incredibly uncomfortable and then seconds later, I actually felt like i was ejacualting... yeah. My penis was actually like I was ejaculating. I could feel semen like midway in my penis and it wasn't even hard... it was so crippling, but at the time, i was too embarreseed to admit this to my friends, so i Just said this body high is really intense, let's go back inside... i remember getting back to the dorm and sitting there... it wasn't as intense but it still felt numb in my balls. After the high was over it went away and i just thought, okay, maybe that was laced weed or it was just super strong.. i continued to smoke periodically and that same thing would happen on and off, sometimes just as bad, or sometimes not as much...

    Idk why i kept pushing my luck, i should've just stopped after the first time, but i just kept smoking... i continued to smoke through december and january and then finally i just stopped for real. It felt great to stop and to really just get my mind off of weed. After the first two days i felt really good. Although on the third day, i woke up feeling i slightly pain in my penis. I got anxious and wondered why this was happening. Then pain sustained for like an hour, but then went away, so i didn't worry too much. Although, this pain kept coming and going, sometimes hurting more than other times. This is when I knew something was up.... it pisses me off that this is happening to me because i stopped smoking, and now im still feeling that pain in my penis as if I am smoking. As I'm writing this now, my balls feel a little numb here and there in my balls more specifically, but it's not too bad. Overall my penis and balls just feel abnormally sensitive and I'm kind of used to it now, mostly because i'm just trying not to think about it too much. I'm trying to wait it out... maybe this will subside when the THC completely leaves my system? I read maybe its the blood circulation and after i quit for some time, my blood circulation will go back to normal and my penis will feel fine? I'm not sure... It doesn't hurt to pee or ejuaculate. In fact it feels kind of relieving to do these things but then the same symptoms return or they don't. It's so on and off... idk. I'm hoping this just passes and i won't have to see the doctor. I already have really chronic constiatpation and id hate to see the doctor again for my genitals... .plus i really don't want to tell my mom, at least not right now.

    Does anyone know enough about this type of situation that you think I'll be okay over time? Or has anyone experienced something similar and how have you dealt with it? I will go to the doctor eventually and I know that's what I should do, but I just want to hear if anyone is familiar with this kind of thing and if they know how serious it is or not... I really hope I'll be okay. i'lll post updates and let you guys know if it gets better as the days go on.... Sorry for the bad grammar, I'm typing this really fast and I'll go back and fix it later.


  1. Durza19
    I've never heard of this before!! I've been a smoker and opiate user for over 15 years and the only thing I can compare this tl is when you're on opiates you cannot ejaculate at all!! It causes you to have extreme pain in your testicles and an even bigger feeling of disappointment not being able to have a normal sex life. Girls love it at first because you can go for hours without a break or getting off but eventually they look at it as they're not good enough or unattractive so they can't satisfy you. If you keep your addiction to yourself then there's not really a way to tell them why it's happening and if you do come clean they will leave you in an instant. Opiates have destroyed my sex drive and sex life it's been over a year since I've had a sexual encounter because now that I'm clean I can't last more than ten minutes before it's over. I wish everyday my mother never gave me those evil pills. Weed on the other hand is the only thing that keeps me sane and still alive. I'd much rather smoke a plant then be forced to take Adderall or ADHD meds. Sorry for such a long comment but hopefully it helps you. If you're sexually active and have been that whole time it could be an std. A one night stand gave me HPV and there's another reason i haven't had sex in over a year. Even if i get the warts removed I still have to inform the person of my std. Anyways hope you get better if you need to talk message me on here.
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