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I'm running but losing ground

  1. Vincent_Teloc
    I'm running I'm trying to get away and think I'mfree but then suddenly Im tripping I think I'm slipping I can honestly begin to see methamphetamine is taking its toll on me, no matter what I eat how much I sleep there is no way I can beat this addiction overnight sometimes its a daily fight I can see if I Dont do what's right... Then I'll lose what I care about but for some reason I doubt and do it anyway I guess that is pretty crazy with a lot on the line I know I'd do time I've crawled out from addiction before but this one is a crafty one with more ideas then I guess. Im running down the crossroads path looking back seeing the after math And looking ahead seeing a future broken leaving me dead... Even with this all being said I have to get ahold of my addictions before my afflictions get ahold of me


  1. chupamivergaguey
    People in AA meetings and others claim geographic relocation doesn't work -- that we still carry the mark within and eventually it will come out no matter where we go. Yet I can say with confidence that geographic relocation was vital to my getting out of the scene. I didn't get away from those parts of me that drive me to meth, but the relocation thing bought me time in which I was able to develop perspective. And find alternatives to meth.

    And yes it is a crafty addiction. It gets into and poisons your sexual being, and sex is one of the fundamental things that make us human. When one of the basic parts of our humanity is reshaped by something like meth, it makes it all the more difficult to get away from it. I've only done meth a handful of times since 1998, but the years leading up to 1998 continue to haunt my sexual side, and i find myself fantasizing about meth when jerking off or having sex with my wife. It's inescapable but i seem to have learned to live with it.
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