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in busts.authorities go after drug buyers and sellers in camden

  1. mopsie
    In busts, authorities go after drug buyers and sellers in Camden

    May 17, 2006, 4:45

    CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) _ A violent Camden cocaine-dealing operation was broken up Wednesday as authorities arrested 10 people in early-morning raids, officials said.

    In all, 20 alleged drug dealers, suppliers and bulk purchasers were charged in criminal complaints. Four were already in custody and six were fugitives, authorities said.

    Legal filings show the so-called "M.O.B. Boys" organization killed a man, Anthony "Skip" Brown, to protect its turf in March.

    Authorities say there are well over 100 open-air drug markets in Camden. State, federal and local authorities have increasingly partnered to crack down on drugs and violence in a city known for both.

    "What drug dealers and violent gang members in Camden should finally realize is that there is a formidable team of local, state and federal law enforcement arrayed against them and watching them daily," U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said in a statement.

    The investigation was in the works for two years, with investigators using wiretaps, electronic surveillance and undercover drug purchases, officials said.

    The busts came one day after another big drug bust in the city. In a sting, authorities posed as drug dealers and arrested buyers. In about six hours, 102 alleged buyers _ most of them from the suburbs _ were arrested. State police said it was the largest such sting ever in the city.

    source newsday.com


  1. GDxCAT
    Fuck NJ.
    This is one of the only states that actually goes after the buyer.
  2. sadskills1987
    swim agrees, but realize that is just nj's policy for everything, "fuck everybody over all the time.". they changed the tobacco law to 19 and the police went out to enforce no-grandfathering(leaving anyone who was 18 and smoking out of luck and not even able to buy nicotine patches/gum to quit as that went to 19 too), people are released on recogniscense from bullshit aggervated assault on an officer charges and asked to bring down local drug dealers, bad diesel(powder heroin) has killed a whole bunch of people in north, central and south jersey, newark's new mayor's action against drugs is beginning to materialize, our taxes are sky high and our cost of living even higher, and on and on the list of problems w/ jersey goes...the state motto should be "bend over, bubba jersey's comin' for you"
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