In Praise of Good Doctors

By Lady Codone · Feb 8, 2016 ·
  1. Lady Codone
    It's no secret I've had my fair share of bad doctors. As someone with two female-related chronic pain conditions (migraine and endometriosis), I usually get the run around from physicians and nurse practitioner types who think antidepressants are the answer. I was once asked by a doctor if I was sexually abused because of my pelvic pain and was told by another doc that "coming out of the closet" to my family about my sexuality would fix my medical problems. Yeah.

    After years of frustration I've finally found a doctor who gives a damn! He spends 30-45 minutes talking with me and goes out of his way to find the cheapest meds. If I suggest a medication, he does some quick research and prescribes it. He's also not stingy with the scheduled meds. I was Rx'ed 60 Fioricet and 30 hydrocodone at my last visit. He even gave me a choice between hydro and oxycodone! I had to hide my excitement, lol. "Whatever you think is best, doctor." :D

    Why can't more doctors treat patients with respect instead of suspicion or judgment? Women have it especially bad due to the long history of stigma, such as the belief that we're just hormonal or over-dramatic. (Fun fact: the word "hysterectomy" comes from the word "hysteria," which was a condition believed to be caused by having a uterus). WE the patients are the experts on our own bodies, and it's high time doctors started acting like it.

    So in keeping with the title of this post, I'd like to thank all the good doctors who actually care about their patients. The ones who go straight to the effective medications instead of peddling the newest, most expensive (and usually ineffective) ones. The doctors who search out the cause of a patient's illness instead of just treating symptoms. You guys are a rare breed and I appreciate you.

    That is all.

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