incapacitating agent BZ

By sadskills1987 · Oct 15, 2005 · ·
  1. sadskills1987
    the memory hole recently released some new information on the military incapacitating agent/super hallucinagen quinuclidinyl benzilate (BZ for short). not many people have heard of it because it was far too powerful for the streets, hence it never made it out of labs and military tests. the information on itis slowly beingdeclassified by the u.s. government. even a crudepicture of its molecular structure now exists on TMH's bz site. maybe from this molecule and its propertiespeople good at chemistrycan make a weakerderivative of bz whichis pleasent andwon't make u trip for days(not an exaggeration)

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  1. BrugmansiaBrujo
    SWIM likes a good long strong trip. If SWIM could be assured of
    no permanent physical or mental damage, and if SWIM had lots of time on
    his hands, SWIM would give it a shot (taking the BZ that is).
  2. Nagognog2
    I have studied BZ extensively and can tell you a few things. Such as the reason it is being declassified.

    The USA decided it was no longer a military weapon and tossed it's supply on the international weapons market. Slobodon Milosovich (sp?) of the former Yugoslavia bought it up and the Serbs used it on the defenders of Srebrenicia(sp). This was confirmed by a British film crew that found the containers with USA markings.

    BZ acts like a super-anticholinergic hallucinogen/delirient. Like datura - atropine, scopolamine, hyoscine, et al. It will cause you to enter into a fully separate reality complete with ghosts and goblins. Other candidates for this type of trip were/are the JB series developed in the late 1950's and early 1960's. A lighter weight substance that can elicit this type of trip is cyclizine - found in Marezine motion-sickness pills.

    I cannot emphasize strongly enough the dangers associated with this type of drug. They are not fun. You do not feel high. There is no euphoria. You are rendered helpless and possibly self-destructive. Some people never come back from the trip. The movie Jacob's Ladder was based on secret US tests on servicemen in Viet~Nam with BZ. One word: DON'T!
  3. Daeron
    [off topic]

    nag i love and
    all, but thats utter bullshit. Later it was found that the containers
    were a hoax..they used less fancy but still horrific plain ol slugs.and
    there were no defenders of srebrenica,only the mujahedins to whom the
    massacre was intended in the first place.but as always only the
    innocent pay the price of the being near the warlords.

    however the US selling arms to all sides wasnt a hoax. Slobodan
    Milosevic had nothing(official,although he supported the crazyfuck
    Mladic in the massacre,he may have been a tyran but he was a smart one)
    to do w Srebrenica. Im really curious how there gonna convict(and they
    are to do so) for that.

    [/off topic]
  4. Nagognog2
    Off Topic: What purpose did the British film crew have in making up finding US containers of BZ in the area? Not that I really care - the point is the USA did toss BZ on the international market. In fact, BZ was never a controlled substance here in the Untied Snakes. To this day I can easily order it from a major chemical company. It is used as a muscarinic agonist in bio-assays. It only came to light in the mainstream press when the whacko's from the Church of Scientology bought up a bunch. When questioned what they wanted it for, they said they wanted to prove they could take out the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. Actually they used it, and others, to freak-out and discredit people who exposed them for all kinds of nasty tricks. But that's another story.
  5. Benga

    I'd love to read up on that !! googled but didn't really find anything, got any more info

  6. Nagognog2
    The story first came out in early 1979 about the Scientologists buying up BZ from an American chemical company. Regards their use of what they have openly called "Black-Bag jobs" where they have broken into people's houses and drugged their toothbrushes, food, so forth - this came to light a few years ago when they did it to a main-stream journalist who was reporting on their "Holy Teachings" and how it would cost you, on average, $20,000 to recieve their final lesson - that we are all the spawn of space-aliens and the flying saucers are coming back for you soon!

    If you paid $20,000 for that crock of shit, you better believe it! Try googling Scientologists and LSD or similar. I forget the name of the reporter they bombed with acid. I could find it if needed. They dosed his toothbrush with LSD while the Boston police were searching his apartment for the "stolen" papers that contained the $20,000 final joke.
  7. BrugmansiaBrujo
    SWIM doesn't like Datura, so if BZ is along those lines, then SWIM wouldn't want to mess with it either.

    And Scientology IS a crock of shit.
  8. Fantasian
    Cyclizine is scary, SWIM has used it and it's like entering a dream world you cant wake from. It makes a most interesting scary and shocking journey which SWIM is glad he experienced but it is definatly not what one would call pleasent.
  9. anj0vis
    wikipedia has a long and detailed article on its pharmacology. By all accounts I have seen it is quite far from pleasant experience. "Acid dreams" had some short chapter on BZ and some historical background. It also had some notes from the chemist who synthesized it and tested it on himself. According to that book, he needed assistant for 2 days to walk with him and keep him out of trouble (not falling from stairs or bumping into objects). Chemists comments were short "it was like a bad dream".. so I'd say BZ will never be seen on streets.. and that is good.
  10. Beeker
    Hey, finally something I can agree with Nagonog on. Delirium states are always a nightmare. Glad the only time I've had to deal with these type of mindscapes was when withdrawing from alcohol years ago. Horrible things, delusions; hate that they get put into the "mind expanding/trip" drugs catagory all the time.
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