Incoming Depression

By Metomni · Jun 9, 2008 · ·
  1. Metomni
    Looking to delve into some hobbies SWIM has been wanting to get into for a while now so as to avoid as much depression as possible.

    Does anyone have tips on meditation? SWIM likes candles and incense and he likes to do it, but he doesn't think he's ever been able to really do it quite right, though, it's kind of a hard thing to do "right" I suppose.

    Maybe expect some samples of a book soon, though it's not clear whether it will be the fantasy novel, post-apocalyptic set of short stories, or something other worldly.

    Other than that, why is golf so expensive? :(

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  1. Alfa
    I've got a hunch that the Dynamic meditation may do you well. It is bizarre, looks idiotic and works wonders for the hectic mind.

    Imagine being thoughtless for many hours.
  2. Metomni
    Will try as soon as I get some open time, many thanks Alfa.
  3. savingJenniB
    Pay attention to your breathing.
    Deep breaths in.
    Now bad air out . . . out . . . out.

    Center yourself ~ try it again.
  4. beena
    The only way to meditate I've ever been shown was to imagine your going down a staircase and as you descend you get more tired and more relaxed with each step. At the bottom of the staircase is a door: you open the door and it leads to a room or a place that you enter. This place is your safe place. You feel happy and relaxed there. You can come to this place anytime you like by doing this meditation and when you are in your safe place everything is always relaxed and calm: the weather outside is beautiful: there is no traffic outside, etc, etc. The place itself can be real or imaginary (I think imaginary is better) and you should associate it with feelings of inner calm and warmth........well, thats how the meditations supposed to work anyway. Personally I've always been really interested in meditation, but it's never really worked for me. I don't know if that's cos I'm not doing it right or cos I don't put enough effort in or what really but I still like the idea of meditating and having 'inner peace'.
  5. spacelord
    Though not meditation but extremely effictive for relaxation: autogenic training. After a short period of regular training you'll be able to relax very fast.

    This and phyical exercise can be considered good prerequisites for meditation. Being a bit more stable physically and mentally may make it easier.
  6. Orchid_Suspiria
    A great set of short stories to occupy your time would be Clive Barkers Books of Blood,if you haven't read them I highly reccommend them.No author on earth quite like Clive Barker!His work goes beyond simple horror and into the world of the surreal and metaphysical.
  7. seeingred
    There are all sorts of good books out there. I have gotten into Chakra meditation, where you actually have focal points, it helps to focus on certain areas like the throat and crown and spine. I don't know how much stock I put into the actual Chakras or ethereal energy body but it's fascinating stuff.
    You can really psyche yourself up about Metaphysics without having to believe in any of it, just play around with it and it can be really rewarding...

    I am getting into Kabbala right now, an ancient system now more of an occult thing. Have you tried Guidied Meditation? Through tapes, cds, Bruce's Hemi Sync CDS are neat, Binaural throwing out suggestions.

    My best thing for fighting depression symptoms is keeping myself active, writing, journaling and reading more often, and drinking water lots. Also, sleeping less often helps a ton.

    Haha, last night I was scrying with my Crystal Ball. I love destractions and the paranormal...but yeah some of it can get pretty real....start collecting stuff...or learn guitar or something.
  8. Metomni
    Many thanks, those are some worthy suggestions. I shall read up and see what happens.
  9. The Dreamer
    Golf is expensive because it was designed to be a place for rich men to go and talk away from the women and poor who they were sick of dealing with. They make it expensive so only the rich can go. Just like certain brands make the same product more expensive and put it in a nicer container. It just attracts a different crowd.
  10. Fight Club
    Golf is expensive because you have a large tract of land that requires substantial labor and materials to maintain to a standard that accomplished golfers expect. Many private courses cost more because they limit membership to 100 - 400 "golf members". This exclusivity entitles those members to pretty much show up and play whenever they want without having to deal with tee times, crowds and slow play.

    BTW - there are lots of programs designed to expose economically disadvantaged to the game and make it affordable for anyone with the desire to play.

    The PGA tour events generate more money for charity than all other professional sports combined. Good people doing good things.

    I've been playing for nearly 40 years and have never met a golfer that is "sick of dealing with" women and poor, only hackers, loudmouths, and people who play agonizingly slow.

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