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By Alfa, Aug 2, 2004 | |
  1. Alfa

    SARAIPALI, (Chhatisgarh): In a sensational case, a headmaster and a
    teacher of a primary school here were suspended after they allegedly
    supplied liquor, bhang and ganja to primary students mixing with their
    mid day meal.

    Sub divisional magistrate Ashok Shrivastav, who had conducted an
    inquiry into the complaint, told UNI over telephone that he had found
    the headmaster and two other teachers of Chandibona primary school in
    Mahasamund district prima facie guilty of providing intoxicants to the
    primary school children.

    On the basis of inquiry report, district collector Manish Tyagi
    ordered suspension of headmaster Arakshit Patel and teachers Devadi
    Choudhary and Santlal Choudhary.

    As many as 92 students are studying in the Chandibona primary school.

    The matter came to administration's notice after some parents
    complained that their children were found to be regularly drowsy after
    returning from school. After questioning the children, the parents
    learned that they experienced drowsiness after having their mid day
    meal in the school.

    Suspecting foul play, the parents alerted the administration, which
    immediately ordered a magisterial inquiry into the matter.

    During inquiry, it has come to notice that the headmaster was a
    habitual drunkard and both the teachers also used to join him in
    consuming liquor even during school time. It also came to notice that
    all the three teachers used to consume other intoxicants like bhang
    and ganja.

    According to complaints, the teachers used to mix bhang and ganja and
    even liquor in the dal (pulses) to be supplied to students with the
    mid day meal.

    Meanwhile, official sources said in state capital Raipur that the
    state government has taken the issue very seriously and stern action
    would be initiated against the guilty.


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