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    New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANS) For the first time, India will host the 'Paris Pact Meeting' beginning Monday that will focus on devising international cooperation against drugs trafficking.

    The two-day meeting is being organised here by India's finance ministry in association with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), an official statement said Sunday.

    The event will be coordinated by the Central Bureau of Narcotics, Gwalior.

    The Paris Pact initiative is a partnership of more than 55 countries and international organisations aimed at combating Afghan opiates trafficking, consumption and related problems in the affected priority countries along the Afghan opiates trafficking routes.

    The partnership mechanism is supported by UNODC.

    'In the meeting, the experts will focus during two days on priority action to be taken to counter the diversion of chemical precursors, used in the illicit manufacture of heroin (in particular acetic anhydride), the recent trafficking trends as well as challenges concerning measures to prevent their diversion from licit markets,' said the finance ministry statement.

    The meeting follows the discussions among Paris Pact experts at the first meeting on precursors held in the French capital in 2010.

    Last year's meeting stressed the importance of a political mobilisation of all the partners of the Paris Pact and international operational cooperation and special measures to disrupt the illicit flow of precursors which are essential to the production of heroin in Afghanistan.

    Source: Sulekha News
    View Source: Indo Asian News Service



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