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Indian arrested with Rs 47 crore worth White Heroin

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Indian arrested with Rs 47 crore worth White Heroin

    Kathmandu, Oct 9 (PTI) In one of the largest drugs seizures in Nepal, an Indian has been arrested for allegedly possessing 19 kg of White Heroin worth Rs 47 crores.

    Ravikumar Kethandapatti Rangasamy, a resident of Tamil Nadu was yesterday arrested by Nepal police with the Heroin as he was about to board a Thai Airways flight on his way to Jakarta via Bangkok from Tribhuvan International Airport.

    White Heroin is the most refined and expensive type of heroin, according to experts.

    Rangasamy had hidden the contraband drug by making false compartments inside three 15 litre steel flasks, police said.

    Further investigation in the matter is on.



    a crore is 19million so I think this translates to 10,089,819 USD or 6,850,189 Euros - but its very late so my math may be off


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