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Informant No Longer Protected by Authorities

  1. chillinwill
    Despite promises from prosecutors and federal agents, an undercover informant is now told he doesn't qualify for the federal witness protection program.

    In another life, he went by the nickname "Hollywood" when he ran with the El Forestero biker gang. It was a life he left behind three years ago, when fellow bikers gave his 15-year-old son a nearly fatal dose of cocaine.

    Hollywood became a police informant for the now defunct Minnesota Gang Strike Force and federal agents in Minnesota and Missouri. He gives them valuable intelligence on the El Forestoro and Galloping Goose motorcycle gangs on drugs, guns, even murder.

    He named names too. Many of them had aliases like Meathead, Crazy Joe, Shorty and Fast Eddie. But in the end, it was Hollywood’s real name that would get out.

    It happened last summer during a Hell’s Angels convention in northern Minnesota. Sources described it as a turf battle with law enforcement. Hollywood’s cover was blown and his real name ending up in this federal court document in Missouri.

    Just before Christmas, he got a panicked call from federal agents. Federal agents told him they were coming to kill him.

    Multiple law enforcement sources confirm Hollywood’s story. They said he was an informant for federal and local authorities not only in Missouri but also here in Minnesota. And in the opinion of those sources, Hollywood is a man several biker gangs have marked for death.

    Hollywood has had to move his family five times in the last four months. His kids were taken out of school. His home in rural Minnesota’s been broken into twice recently.

    At night, he puts plywood over his windows and doors in case there's gunfire. But after three months in witness protection, he's been told he no longer qualifies because he never testified in the Missouri case.

    In Minnesota, prosecutors don't want to touch a case with connections to the disgraced gang strike force.

    April 8, 2010
    My Fox9

    The video can be found at Informant No Longer Protected by Authorities


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