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Ingleside woman will testify against son in fatal drug case

  1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    An Ingleside woman accused of supplying the drugs that killed a man pleaded guilty to a lesser crime in exchange for testifying against her son in the drug-induced homicide case.

    Carolyn Stedronsky, 52, of the 35000 block of North Milwaukee Avenue, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of unlawful possession of drugs, a class 2 felony that could put her behind bars for up to 7 years.

    However, her defense attorney said her sentencing is delayed until later this year, after she testifies against her 32-year-old son, Brian Stedronsky, who is in Lake County jail on one count of drug-induced homicide.

    Due to the plea agreement, Carolyn Stedronsky's bond was reduced to $100,000, of which $10,000 must be posted for her to be released from jail.

    Defense attorney Robert Ritacca of Waukegan said she will be able to post bond and should be released in the next day.

    "She has a lot of responsibility because she takes care of her disabled husband," Ritacca said after the plea agreement. "She never intended to cause death or harm to anyone."

    Under the agreement, Stedronsky will have to adhere to a strict curfew between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., and must wear an ankle monitoring device. She is expected to submit to random drug testing and is not allowed to have any narcotics in her home.

    Carolyn and Brian Stedronsky were arrested and charged Dec. 4 for supplying two patches of the highly potent drug Fentanyl to Jeffrey Ferris after a night of partying on Sept. 18, 2012, authorities said.

    Ferris, 30, was found dead in his home in the 34000 block of Oden Drive in Ingleside after he cut open and ingested the Fentanyl inside the patches, authorities said.

    According to drugs.com, Fentanyl patches are a highly addictive medication used to control chronic pain.

    Carolyn Stedronsky told detectives during the death investigation she took the Fentanyl patches from her husband, who was prescribed the medication for an injury, authorities said.

    In court Thursday, Carolyn Stedronsky testified she sold one Fentanyl patch to her son for $20.

    She is due back in court on April 29 for status.

    Family members of the victim refused to comment following the plea agreement.
    By Lee Filas


  1. dyingtomorrow
    Curious how if the guy who ODed had otherwise been caught, he would instead be the "drug abusing piece of shit" who deserves to go to jail and have his life ruined.

    Now he is the "victim" - from making the conscious decision to get drugs off his friend and then negligently use them - that way the system can concoct a basis to imprison/destroy someone else's life instead.

    And on the flip side you have the Mom... sells her kid pain drugs she stole from her injured husband, and then testifies against him to cut a deal. Class.
  2. N0rthrnCa707
    I could not agree more with the above. This double standard bull shit, carried on by the media, targets whoever they can to make pain medication look more and more evil.

    A mother mourns her son. He died because he smokes and sucks on fentanyl patches.
    Another mother blames pharma because her son illegally obtains OxyContin and is now addicted.
    They blame doctors, pharma companies, society as a whole. They don't take the time to think their loved ones broke the law, bringing it on them selfs, and ruining things for folks who truly are in pain.
    Makes me sick.
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