Inhalants Most Popular Drugs for Pre-Teens

By 0utrider · Mar 14, 2008 · ·
  1. 0utrider
    Inhalants Most Popular Drugs for Pre-Teens

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  1. sonoson
    it's sad. I can honestly say that a few years ago i had a little airduster phase, until i woke up and realized how much safer illegal drugs are.
  2. FrankenChrist
    If I ever caught some kids doing any of that stuff, I'd beat the shit out of them, then kindly suggest some good drugs instead.
  3. Orchid_Suspiria
    This is yet another way in which I think all this DARE propaganda causes more harm than good.They get told pot is soooo bad for them from day one they see a bottle of furniture duster and think"This isn't drugs at all and my friend Billy Dumbass told me it will get me high."Stupid DARE kills kids!
  4. Purest
    I really don't like how this sentance is worded, it makes the drug seem a lot less safe and in a sense, dirtier.
  5. Orchid_Suspiria
    Yes anyone that would compare nitrous oxide to inhaling furniture duster and the like is a pretty uneducated,pretty clueless person.Thats propaganda for ya though!They lie,twist facts,and do this under the guise of doing good but in the end often do more harm.
  6. silentghost
    MJ a gate way drug? BS. Its all the dust-off and ritalin these kids gets :)
  7. cra$h
    eh, swim isn't going to bullshit himself, mj can lead to bigger better things, and it has.... but this fucking inhalent phase our country's going through is a fucking joke. Swim has never had an urge to get high off an aerosol can, and never even concidered it. these kids need to jack some alc from their parents or something, which is hell of a lot safer than dust remover. what a terrible world we're shaping, and it's not because of the kids, but what's pumped into their brain. everyone's so politically correct, we find stupid ways to get around things, instead of just dealing with the fact that if someone wants to get fucked up, let them reap the concequences, and instead of showing us appitizing pictures, then burning them in front of us, let there be education of the real thing. I don't know, it's hard to explain
  8. SpaceCadetGlow
    well said. SWIM was in high school when he used his first drug. it wasn't marijuana, and it wasn't alcohol or tobacco. it was 30 mg of adderall that a friend, who had a prescription, gave SWIM. his friend told him that it made studying and taking tests a lot easier. so, the first psychoactive chemical SWIM's completely drug-naiive body ever experienced was amphetamine, a schedule II stimulant. needless to say, the adderall sparked something inside SWIM, and he fell in love with it.

    it's funny how a society can place such a harsh label on cannabis, calling it a "gateway drug", while they prescribe amphetamine and similar powerful stimulants to kids like it's candy.

    this reminds SWIM of the netherlands' drug policy, only backwards. the dutch permit the use of softer drugs, like marijuana, in an effort to keep the people from using harder drugs. SWIM's country seems to allow the use of pharmaceutical hard drugs, while taking every measure to minimize the use of softer drugs, such as marijuana.
  9. silentghost
  10. Pondlife
  11. radiometer
    Duh, what other drugs are 12 year olds going to get? Who didn't try sniffing rubber cement when they were in art class in 7th grade? The fact that the media loves to play up the abuse of "duster" periodically doesn't help much.
  12. zera
    Someone get these 12 year olds some pot immediately!
  13. cra$h
    that is true. if you're still a kid and someone says hey, this could fuck you up if you smell it, of course you're going to try. the media loves to take something that's controversial like drug use and anyone that has tried a drug instantly becomes an "addict"
  14. Solipsist
    Here in Belgium four 15 years old girls were sniffing inhalants in public toilets, then one girl light up a cigarette, resulting in an explosion which hurted all the four girls (one of them even need a skin transplant).

    So now media/politicians want to ban sale of any inhalant to minors, to avoid this "new" form of drug addiction. I wonder how they are gonna work this out.

    Every time some kid do something stupid with a substance, people want to ban this substance. What's next, banning whipped cream and tipex?
  15. 0utrider
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