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injecting mcat advice pleeeease

  1. pinner beginner
    Heya everyone, I have been with my current partner for almost a year, he was a heroin user for 14 years he's now on subbys but does inject mcat, I'd never had it before but I snorted some for the first time with my partner, I didn't know he injected at the time, I caught him injecting one evening as we was having according to me a snorting sesh and was rather upset I'd never seen anything like that before, then I came to terms with it and grew curious of the feeling, I begged and begged my partner to inject me, he was really really against it until I said if you don't do it I will and I don't know what I'm doing so anything could happen. Eventually I convinced him to, it was a long process as he was shaking when attempting to do it, crying and rather upset. There seems to be a problems hitting my veins, they are really deep, was it a wrong end or something (short orange) he went in loads of times and only got me once I am very bruised and they are quite painful, but in all honesty I didn't get a "good hit/high I'd like to get advice on how to "get my veins" properly so I can experience the euphoric feeling my partner gets, or so he looks that way. He honestly looks like he's coming up on pills and looks like he's really enjoying it. I'm jealous lmao. Any advice would be appropriated thanks :eek


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