Inmate can't get medicinal pot in jail

By chillinwill · Nov 5, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    REGINA - An inmate at Regina's jail says the federal government has given him permission to use medicinal marijuana to combat chronic pain - but the Saskatchewan government won't allow him to smoke pot behind bars.

    Dean Samborski, 52, said he has a licence from Health Canada to smoke medicinal marijuana. However, while serving time in the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre for theft under $5,000, he has not been allowed to use marijuana.

    "(They say) it is an illegal drug or substance. But I've been OK'd to smoke it, so why is it illegal?" asked Samborski.

    He said the marijuana is needed for pain management for injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident in 1976. Instead of marijuana, he has been given Tylenol, Motrin and anti-inflammatories - but they doesn't provide any relief for the pain, he said.

    "On my left side, I'm hemiparaplegic and my left knee hyperextends so my left knee hurts from walking. On my back, I've got a bad lower back because it twisted in the accident. I'm always in pain and they won't give me nothing for it," he said.

    Samborski was issued the licence to utilize medicinal marijuana in August by Health Canada.

    The Saskatchewan Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing has confirmed Samborski has the licence and is the only inmate in a provincial correctional facility with such a licence.

    However, ministry spokeswoman Judy Orthner said she could not speak specifically to his case.

    Speaking generally, she said the ministry does not have a policy against the use of medicinal marijuana in correctional facilities but follows the guidelines set out by the Saskatchewan Medical Association, which recommends physicians not participate in the dispensing of marijuana.

    The ministry has a contract with a physician who provides the medication orders for inmates while they're in custody.

    "The medication order may be quite different from the medication order that the offender may have gotten from a different physician, from a physician outside in the community," said Orthner.

    The department is in discussions with the provincial Ministry of Health to develop a policy around the possible use of medicinal marijuana in provincial correctional facilities, but Orthner could not say when the policy would be completed.

    Veronica Rhodes , Canwest News Service
    Published: Tuesday, November 04, 2008
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  1. purplehaze
    Phaze would recommend giving him a mild opiate to deal with pain until he was out of jail. Tylenol and motrin sound cruel, that is if the man is being truthful as i see its marked scandal.
  2. fnord
    I would recommend giving him his prescribed medications!

    Did you happen to read thius part?
    Medical marijuana patients have a REAL need for there medication,ive been there next to someone holding a grown mans hand while he was crying in pain caused in part by his lack or medical MJ. Yes alot of people get med-mj for less then honarable reasons but there are a VERY large number of legit patents who need MJ to make it threw there day.
  3. purplehaze
    No doubt man, but with the current laws and the way marijuana is looked at it looks like hes wanting to smoke "dope" in jail. Thats how any right winged do gooder is looking at it, probably the people not giving him his weed. I mean phaze is all for it hell load a couple lbs up ina wheel barrow and wheel that bitch in the cell for all i care, but since the laws are fucked you can't tell me that society looks more kindly on marijuana for pain treatment than popping a pill.

    So give the guy the more addictive more dangerous lortab or OC what have you, don't let him suffer. Plus if all else fails and he cannot get MJ you can't tell me that even though opiates are far more dangerous than marijuana that it would not kill the mans pain better than pot.
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