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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Inmate's secret tape reveals drug epidemic in UK prison

    LONDON: Secret footage filmed over nine months by an inmate on his mobile phone has revealed convicts at a UK prison injecting heroin, smoking
    crack cocaine, puffing cannabis and watching smuggled-in hardcore porn.

    The video clips show 12 different convicts getting high on killer drugs while sitting in their cells at Winchester Prison. It includes a youngster slipping into unconsciousness after injecting himself with potentially lethal heroin and his cellmate desperately trying to revive him.

    Incredibly all the footage was shot inside a “drug-free” wing where all inmates were awarded a certificate to show they have been tested and were clean. The inmate, who unearthed the scam, said that although cash is banned throughout UK prisons, inmates with access to money outside can lead quite luxurious lives.

    25 January 2010,


  1. Eyes Wide Shut
    I've always been intruiged (sp) as to how inmates aquire and trade different contraband in a prison setting. I wonder if it's always strictly a cash business or if other goods/"services" are provided in exchange for one's preffered poison.

    Any ideas on how all of this junk makes its way into these establishments? Surely it can't all be from prisoners smuggling them in after visits can it? I mean, one's rectum can only fit so much and it seems like these substances are readily available most of the time.
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