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Inside Operation Southern Sweep

By fnord · Jun 29, 2008 · Updated Jun 29, 2008 · ·
  1. fnord
    I hope cakes is doing ok!


  1. Panthers007
    Weren't there for the specific op - eh? Homeland Security will pass this on. Head for the hills, kids!
  2. Woodman

    That is so fucked-up, it sounds like America.

    Good post!
  3. fnord
    I was going to post info about this 1 1/2 weeks ago but it sliped my mind untill i heard that it actually happend :(

    So it took 2 years for 450 armed government funded terrorists to acomplish what? So far no arrests have been made,so what is it they proved? that this area grows alot of pot? DUH!!! 1/3rd of US marijuana comes from this area,its actually nicknamed the emeralds triangle,This will not even put a dent in the outflow of marijuana to the rest of the U$A.

    there claiming these plants are worth 2500-6000$ each!!! damn that must be one big plant!
  4. Joe Duffy
    What a waste of taxpayers’ money, money which could be better used for sometime positive.
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