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  1. AceOvArts
    Good evening my friend Insomnia,
    These meetings become more regular
    How I wish you would show me your seductive ways,
    But instead you bring me the darkest of days.
    And tonight while we talk you'll promise so much,
    You will sprinkle my mind with a magic touch,
    And just as I taste the forbidden fruits,
    A dawn chorus orchestra start playing their flutes,
    So I will lay down once more and close my eyes tight,
    Hoping to grasp whats left of the night,
    And float on a dream that feels light as a feather,
    To liven my body and soul more than ever,
    But deep in the darkest part of my mind,
    I feel her lurking to again be unkind,
    Will she ever forget me and just go away,
    So for once I can wake up refreshed for the day ?


  1. cyndi
    Good story. Hate insomnia....
  2. takeyourmeds
    so sleeping on the couch is ritual for 16 yrs now.

    the act of "going to sleep" is a frightful dreadful concept. lying there thoughts fly so fast.the answer to all the problems of the waking day come into concsiousness.

    life makes sense, one just has to enact these little habits:

    awake, eat something, call that guy, return that shit to target thats been in the backseat for 6 months... love somebody, love your ever-forgiving husband.

    new day new start.now SHUT THE F*** UP!!!

    let me sleep so the energy canchemicalize in the body. toss & turn. listen to the tube. read "The promise of sleep" read "chelsea' listen to ipod, yes duffy again.... pop some xan smoke some dope do another line, might make u feel just right this time.

    playlist: junkie....

    it has been this way for everyday in recollection.

    middle of day, no time for sleep, join the real world, complete a progressive step today.

    too tired, sun beats in or rain beats on. nap the day away.

    request my presence 12:00am 12:00pm availability: null. too tired & listless no thought comprehention.

    what happened to the ideas, the fix it all
    house decor, updated budget & self designed backseat modifications for Marty, the old dog whose legs can't hold him up the entire way to the farm & back...

    they were lost upon drifting, the sleep longed for but now just erasing the genius of the insomniac mind...

    anyhow. someone'sup with you. ALL THE TIME!!!
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