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  1. no eff eks
    I couldn't sleep one night not long ago and wrote this while slightly altered... I was pleasantly surprised that it was somewhat coherent. Eventually it will be a punk-rock song assuming I don't forget about it.

    I'm no fucking punk
    got baggy cargo khakis
    oversized fubu hoodie
    hair like justin beiber
    what the fuck i'm no poseur
    angry simple music is my motivator
    because i need positive aggression
    because i live a lack of progression
    I've fucked up my life
    because I like to get high
    because i hated myself
    but not the music
    fat mike sneered at me
    drugs are good he says
    randall sees an addict in need
    thinks i'm barely holding on
    annoying me he's not wrong
    now my last regretful wish
    is that i could've found lagwagon
    instead of nofx
    I really needed to find lagwagon
    instead got nofx (and a drug habit)


    NOFX and Lagwagon are my favorite bands. Fat Mike is the lead singer/songwriter and bass guitarist of NOFX. He's an irreverent drug addict that seems to feed off negativity -- and turns it into something beautiful somehow. Randall Joey Cape is the lead singer/songwriter for Lagwagon. He writes some piercingly honest songs about addiction from a variety of perspectives, along with other negative aspects of our personality or random fictional stories that create more emotion than specific meaning. The Caper is my hero... I'm sadly a lot more like Mike. Just nearly 20 years younger. I love them both.


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