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Instant scan analysis of strain, THC and CBD potency, provides data base

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    QuantaCann on-site testing system makes revolutionary change in industry


    One of the nation’s leading medical cannabis dispensaries, Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA, in January 2012 became the first in its region to launch and utilize the new on-site cannabis testing technology ‘QuantaCann,’ in collaboration with developer Steep Hill Labs.

    QuantaCann is an innovative scientific software and instrumentation system that can be used onsite at dispensaries and collectives to test and provide instant analysis. In minutes, QuantCann can analyze the strain, providing THC and CBD potency levels, moisture content, and many other characteristics of the plant. In addition to tracking critical strain-specific data, the system catalogs symptoms and medical conditions for which the strains are being utilized, in order to provide a valuable database of information for research.

    The QuantaCann uses near-infared reflective (NIR) spectroscopy to compare the material to thousands of samples from Steep Hill’s vast database, enabling the machine to deliver test results in seconds. It quickly identifies strains rich in cannabidiol (CBD), the component known to lessen the effects of inflammation, pain, anxiety and spasms without the psychoactive THC effect. Since CBD-rich cannabis has many benefits, but is also extremely rare, this aspect alone makes QuantaCann a valuable analytical tool to dispensaries.

    The use of lab-tested and certified ‘clean green’ medicine is a trend that has grown exponentially over the past few years. The availability of the QuantaCann system to the industry can revolutionize safety controls and purchasing by adding consistency and immediate results for patient-farmers and providers.
    Five years ago, Executive Director Steve DeAngelo was looking for a lab to test Harborside’s cannabis, its strains, potency and chemistry in order to ensure that HHC would provide the highest quality medical cannabis. He collaborated with engineers David Lampach and Addison DeMoura and Steep Hill, and the nation’s first medical cannabis testing facility was founded in 2008. After testing over 2100 strains of cannabis, nine rare strains were found with solid CBD content. Harborside has already discovered five new CBD strains since utilizing the new system.

    By Gaynell Rogers, mcmcgaynell@gmail


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