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Interesting Anti-Drug campaign: Sound Advice

By nEone, Mar 16, 2009 | | |
  1. nEone
    Designed as a jumping-off point for parents to discuss drug use with their children, the "Sound Advice Project" converts voice recordings into bracelets with rings representing the waveform of a parent's recorded admonishment. They're $18. It's unknown if there is any sort of vetting process for each recording, but I can testify that "Drugs can be fun and informative. And used responsibly can be part of any healthy person's cognitive life" will just fit into the Flash applet's six-second recording space



    I kind of respect this - if only for the creativity shown in sending a message.


  1. SullyGuy
    Anti-Drug or not... that's pretty darn cool. I just wanna know why they would limit a product with the potential to be amazingly diverse, to anti-drug stuff...

    I mean, its definitely not the way to make money.
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