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  1. ZenobiaSky
    Check out the list below, Ebooks, Music, and Videos!
    I've added to the drug archive NEW REVISED LIST in RED

    (please let me know if there are any broken links)

    RANT:For some reason a lot of what I had posted has disappeared. It would be nice if they would let a person know if they are going to delete stuff, I put a lot of work into this. Not to mention it wasn’t like I was taking up space, I had them loaded to my own server, and provided a link. :END RANT

    I'm always looking for new and interesting things on the web. The best part is sharing them Below is a List of my finds. I hope you find something you enjoy!!!!

    I have decided to change things up a bit, The first list is Books, and such Uploaded to D-F. Second will be A link to my server and a list of Ebooks and Video's available for download there, and last are Music Video's and MP3.
    (I think this should work much easier)

    Original EBook Uploads 06/15/12 – Updated Links
    (Files uploaded to D-F)

    - "A Complete Guide To Nature Cure"
    -NEW-"Addiction Help Guide"
    -NEW-"Ayahuasca Analogues and Plant Based Tryptamines"
    - "Comorbidity: NIDA Research Report Series"
    - "DEA Guide: Drugs of Abuse"
    - "A Dictionary of slang drug terms"
    - "Generic and Brand Name Drugs: Understanding the basics"
    - "How to stop smoking forever"
    - "Keep Your Brain Alive"
    - "PharmacoKinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Abused Drugs"
    - "Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research Based Guide"
    - "The 4 Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan"
    - "The Art And Science of Cooking with Cannabis"
    -NEW-"The Emperor Wears No Clothes - The History of Hemp
    -NEW-"The Essential Psychedelic Guide" By D. M. Turner
    - "THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS" by Sigmuend Freud
    - "The Joint Rolling Handbook"
    - "The Know-it-All's Guide To Life"
    - "Under The Radar - Passing Drug Tests"
    - "What to Say When Talking To Yourself"

    Listed as Drug Propaganda is a series from Foundation For A Drug-Free World, is the series calles "The Truth About....." dealing with history, abuse and addiction:
    The Truth About Drugs,Alcohol, Cocaine, Crack, Crystal Meth, Ecstasy, Heroin, Inhalants, Marijuana, Painkillers, Prescription Drug Abuse, and Ritalin

    Found some more interesting, funny, inspiring, and educational stuff you can find on my server:
    Some things you will find there include:

    100 Dating Tips
    A Depth Inside Insanity
    A Guide to Antidepressants
    Drug Use In Modern Society
    Inspire to Reach Higher
    Karma Crash Course
    Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 21st Ed (2009)BBS
    Video of all the "Truth About..." documents

    Music.. I will be updating this one more frequently for a while
    Music Videos

    Candlebox "You" (w/ lyrics)

    Creed "Anti Drug Song"

    Creed "One Last Breath" (w/ lyrics)

    I will be adding more music video's along with the mp3 to match...
    Happy Holidays

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  1. ZenobiaSky
    I updated this list of new EBooks, and some music.. I'll update some more later. If there is anything in particular you might be looking for as an EBook or music let me know, and I'll see if my sources can find it. :)
  2. derpahderp
    And here I thought I was the linkhor ;) hehe

    hope you're doing well today zenny:cool:
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