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"Interesting Tidbit" Tag!!!

By Potter · Nov 30, 2009 · ·
  1. Potter
    Just started a new tag "Interesting Tidbit" for when you find a novel piece of information you think others should know about.


  1. wespawloski
    Great idea sir!
  2. podge
  3. NeuroChi
    Great idea Potter, now the tagging system will get some more use from me since I haven't found many reasons to click a tag yet.
  4. Synchronium
    Trying to launch a "meme" tag too. Get on eet!
  5. podge
    Swim just went to a very popular movie streaming website and decided to search movies by "tags" and by most searched terms and noticed "drugs" at number 31 on the list.

    Interesting tidbit i thought. Strangely enought "drugs" is right in between "denzel washington" and "stephen segal" at numbers 32 and 30 respectively. "Disney" is at number 1. "Weed" is about number 25. Does that mean lots of drug users use the net, or does it mean lots of people use drugs..... Id imagine its the latter.
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