International infiltration operation yields 157.000 2C-D pills

By Alfa · Dec 19, 2007 · ·
  1. Alfa
    18 december 2007

    Holland /Belgium

    In a joint investigation by Dutch and Belgian authorities, three men age 49, 44 and 54 where arrested and 157.000 2C-D pills where seized.

    The police in Belgium became aware that the three where looking for people willing to transport their goods across Europe. They decided to set up a sting operation with a undercover narcotics officer.

    The narc was active during a test delivery of 20 kg's of amphetamines, during which the three Dutchmen where arrested. Shortly thereafter the Dutch police raided a warehouse near Rotterdam, where they found 157.000 2C-D pills, which where hidden in the warehouse its electricity facilities.

    The Belgian DA holds that 2C-D is a dangerous harddrug, which causes strong hallucinations.

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  1. enquirewithin
    That's a lot of 2C-D pills!
  2. grandbaby
    Thanks for the translation, Alfa. It is very interesting that so much of this unusual substance was around. Apparently it has been in circulation in a limited way recently, but this is a larger amount than one would have expected.

    What is the legal status of 2C-D in Belgium?
  3. ticketmaster
    Ouch, yet another fallen soldier... best of luck to those involved..

    Peace and blessings..
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